Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shark Week Sneak Peek: Researches Camera Becomes Prey for Great Whites

Great white bites the underwater drone REMUS.
In 2013, a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped "SharkCam" REMUS, an autonomous underwater vehicle, to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in their natural environment.

One of their goals was to track and film great whites hunting prey but what the researchers soon found out was that their Remus drone soon became the prey.

As explained in the video, the researchers believe the sharks became territorial and attacked the drone as it moved through their waters.

At the 1:28 mark, we see the first predatory attack as the shark strikes the AUV from below with no warning.  From that point, we hear the sharks teeth scraping and gnawing on the metal vehicle as it continues to inspect the foreign object with its powerful jaws.  It finally releases the drone about 10 seconds later.

Great white bites camera
Another awesome shot is at the 1:50 mark when whitey attacks the AUV from behind and fortunately for us, there is a camera facing rearward to capture the action.

At the 3:05 mark, we get another ambush hit from below and this time whitey hangs on and moves his mouth over the camera giving us an up close look at the pearly whites. (photo to the right)

Check out the entire 5:22 video below and stay tuned for much more footage which will be featured in this year's Shark Week which begins airing on Discovery Sunday, August 10th.