Friday, August 8, 2014

Shark Week Pranksters Places a Fin in FINSbury Park Lake

Shark week prank at Finsbury Park in London
This is turning out to be the season of shark pranks and it continues with the latest prank coming from Discovery's Shark Week.

This somewhat dull prank features a few ordinary folks enjoying a peaceful row through Finsbury Park lake in London when they are met with a large dorsal fin moving directly at them.  If this sounds like something out of JAWS, well, I think that was the point.

The stunt was set up using a hand-carved polystyrene fin mounted onto a 3m tubular frame, with internal ballast and flotation devices. The prop was created by BAFTA award-winning art director and special effects designer Jamie Campbell.

We could say more, but the 1 minute video is self-explanatory.  As for the other recent pranks, we have the animatronic shark at a London fishmonger which was used to promote Sharknado 2.  And prior to that, Shark Week put out a prank video supposedly showing a bull shark in Lake Ontario.
Photo is a video screenshot.