Friday, August 22, 2014

GoPro Video Purportedly Shows a Shark Attack in France

Video purportedly shows shark attack on bodyboarder in France
Video purportedly shows shark attack on bodyboarder in France
The following video was posted on August 22 with the caption, "New creepy Shark Attack shot with GoPro in France."

The description reads:
"New shark attack on bodyboarders in north of France. On the morning of 17th August 2014, my brother has been bitten by a shark while he was bodyboarding. Hopefully, I had a GoPro to catch it! A lot of seals are roaming around in this region, apparently sharks as well..."

We should note that in late July 2014, The Telegraph reported that swimming was banned at several popular beaches in the south of France for several days after there were "highly unusual sightings of blue sharks close to shore recorded by tourists."

Is this video legit or is it yet another GoPro Youtube hoax?  We'll let you decide.  Please feel free to weigh in on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

FWIW, we have asked the video uploader, Adam Thomas, for additional details and we will update this post if we learn more.  BTW, this appears to be Adam's only upload to Youtube.

-The first minute+ shows the pair bodyboarding.
-1:15 a seal is spotted.
-1:45 a dark object is sighted which is initially thought to be a seal but he later shows it in slow motion and believes it to be a shark.
-2:08 the brother is bit by the shark and swims to shore
-2:53 the brother runs onto shore trailing blood and we briefly see his injury (we are told that the injury is blurred to respect Youtube guidelines.
-3:05 slow motion of the seal
-3:26 slow motion of the shark fin.

Thanks to Arnaud Desjardins who sent us the video via FB.
Photos are video screenshots