Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Florida Beachgoers Have a Scare When a Large Hammerhead Pursues a Stingray Close to Shore

It's common this time of year for there to be various sightings of hammerhead sharks close to shore in the Gulf waters off Florida. Typically the sharks are in pursuit of food but nontheless, the closeness to the beach can be quiet disconcerting for vacationers.

Hammerhead shark near swimmers in Destin, Florida
This video comes to us from Destin, Florida and was shot from a penthouse at Silver Beach Towers.   As soon as the video starts, we see two people wading in the water and a large hammerhead is in the area moving generally in their direction.  This in turn gets the guy shooting the video and his friends to start screaming at the two swimmers to get out of the water...but they don't move.

At about the 25 second mark, we can clearly see that the hammerhead is pursuing a stingray which just happens to be fleeing towards the two swimmers.

At the 40 second mark, the hammerhead makes several abrupt moves to grab the ray causing some large splashes. This in turn gets the attention of the two swimmers and we immediately see them running for shore.

Swimmers flee as hammerhead shark pursues stingray close to beach-Destin, Florida
As for the ray, its luck ran out and it does appear that the shark got his meal at the 58 second mark.

The video was obviously shot from an older phone and is not the best quality but it was still interesting to see the events unfold as we don't often get the chance to see sharks hunting in the natural world.  The video was posted by Scoot McCain and is just over a minute in length.   Related-earlier this month we shared a similar video that was shot from a pier near Pensacola, Florida.
Photo is a video screenshot.