Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Time Shark Angler Lands Massive Lemon Shark in Florida

Codi Monroy poses with her massive 9 foot lemon shark catch in Delray Beach, Florida
Codi Monroy lands a 9 foot lemon shark
Codi Monroy has quite the fish story to tell about her first ever shark fishing trip. Last month, Codi was surf fishing with Team Rebel Fishing in Florida when she landed a massive 9 foot lemon shark. Not only does Codi have a photo as proof of her tale but she also has a video to back it up.

Codi told us that she hooked the shark at around 11:00 p.m. off Delray Beach.  From there, the fight was on as the young lady struggled with the powerful fish. And although fatigue took it's toll, it only took her 20 minutes to land the shark although she told us "it felt like forever."

Once to shore, the guys from Team Rebel Fishing took over and pulled the shark onto the wet sand so she could get a quick photo; and from there the shark was pulled back into the water and was swimming away on its own in less than a minute.

The mature lemon shark was about nine feet in length and weighed approximately 350 pounds.

Codi says that when she first saw just how big the shark was, she thought "umm, yeah that thing could eat me for sure..."  Fortunately, no one got eaten and the shark was quickly released to fight another day.

Video is from the Team Rebel Fishing Youtube channel and is 3:40 in length.
Small pic is a video screenshot.