Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Caught on Video - Orca Flips Sea Lion 20 Feet Into the Air

Orca flips sea lion 20 feet into the air.
Killer whale flips sea lion 20 feet into the air.
Fishermen who were out with Anglers Adventures from Ketchikan, Alaska had an amazing front row seat to raw nature.  And since this is the era where everyone has a camera rolling, we too get a glimpse of the action.

A sea lion had taken refuge under their boat the F/V Sierra Dawn as it attempted to hide from a nearby killer whale. We see the sea lion shift back and forth from each side of the boat and when it briefly surfaces for air, it quickly looks back down deep into the water.

Unfortunately for the sea lion, the time comes when the anglers decide to move on and we see it left behind as the boat motors off.  As the boat continues onward, the videographer keeps the camera rolling and we do see the sea lion briefly appear a few times.

But the sea lions luck runs out at the 1:08 mark when we see the killer whale explode out of the water and hook the sea lion with its tail fin launching the sea lion approximately 20 feet into the air.

It is unknown if the killer whale finished off the sea lion or if the little bugger was able to escape.  The 1:23 video was posted by Anglers Adventures - Ketchikan, Alaska.
Photo is video screenshot.