Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bull Shark Steals Great Barrier Reef Spearfisherman's Catch...and Then Swims Off With the Speargun

Bull shark steals spearfisherman's catch - Great Barrier Reef
Jack Strickland was spearfishing on Australia's Great Barrier Reef when he got an unexpected surprise from an opportunistic bull shark.

Jack spears a spangled emperor at the 25 second mark. The fish immediately begins frantically swimming and ends up wrapping the fishing line around some coral.

As Jack swims over and begins unwrapping the line, he looks and sees a bull shark darting towards his catch at the 35 second mark. The bull shark takes a large bite out of the snapper and at the 42 second mark the shark begins moving towards Jack who is swimming upwards towards the surface. As the shark nears, Jack beings to fend it off by trying to kick at the shark with his large flow swim fins.  And although the large fins cause Jack to move in near slow motion, it was enough to get the shark to turn around and we then see it swim back down to enjoy its snapper meal.

Bull shark swims off with spearfishing gun. -Great Barrier Reef
As the shark hits the snapper for a second time, it then swims off with Jack's catch. Unfortunately for Jack, the fish was still attached to his favorite speagun which in turn gets ripped out of his hand at the 50 second mark.  Jack, who is narrating parts of the video, explains what he was thinking at the time. "You cheeky bugger, you've stolen my dinner and now you've stolen my favorite speargun."

As we see the shark (and the speargun) disappear off into the horizon, Jack takes up in hot pursuit as he frantically begins swimming after the shark and his prized possession.

At the 1:48 mark, Jack sees his speargun at the bottom still connected to the shark which had swam into a cave.  Mark heads down and is able to cut the line and retrieve his speargun at which point, the shark emerges from the cave and we see it swim off.

All ended well. The shark got a free meal and Jack got to retrieve his favorite speargun.  As for the snapper, it will probably disagree with my assessment that all ended well.

The video was posted by Back to Basics and is 2:45 in length.
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