Friday, August 29, 2014

Surfer Bitten in Hand at Figure Eight Island, NC

Surfer bitten by shark off Figure Eight Island, NC
A 29-year-old surfer, Hunter Anderson, was bitten on his left hand on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 while surfing off Figure Eight Island, NC.

Anderson's stepfather, Bruce Wise, posted on his Facebook page that the unknown species of shark was about 6 feet in length. Anderson received medical treatment which included stitches.

According to Wise, Anderson has lived near the coast his entire life and is an accomplished surfer but this was a first.

Wise posted yesterday that Anderson is already back at work and is  "doing pretty good considering."

This is the second shark bite in this general area this week.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Video: Great White Full Breach at Sunset in Slow Motion

Great white full breach in slow motion
There's not much to say here other than sometimes you just want to see a great white doing a full breach in slow motion.  Oh, and to top it off, let's toss in some sunset lighting.  Ahhh, absolute perfection.

This 42 second video was posted by Aquavision TV Productions.  They note that it was filmed at a 1000 frames per second speed and was taken off the South African coast.

Five New Shark Species and Manta Rays to Be Protected by International Agreement

Effective September 14, 2014, five new shark species and all manta rays will be protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international agreement among 180 countries.

The five new species of protected sharks will be the oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, scalloped hammerhead, great hammerhead and smooth hammerhead shark. These five sharks will be joining the basking, whale and great white which were added to the list nearly ten years ago.

Video: The Glow in the Dark Lantern Shark Can Become Nearly Invisible

Lantern shark can produce its own light.
Of all the shows that aired during this year's Shark Week, the Alien Shark segment was probably one of the most informative. In the below segment which was just released on Youtube, they discuss the glow-in-the-dark lantern shark which has the ability to create its own light.

The lantern shark is a member of the dogfish sharks and is only one of three types of sharks that can produce its own light.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Florida Beachgoers Have a Scare When a Large Hammerhead Pursues a Stingray Close to Shore

It's common this time of year for there to be various sightings of hammerhead sharks close to shore in the Gulf waters off Florida. Typically the sharks are in pursuit of food but nontheless, the closeness to the beach can be quiet disconcerting for vacationers.

Hammerhead shark near swimmers in Destin, Florida
This video comes to us from Destin, Florida and was shot from a penthouse at Silver Beach Towers.   As soon as the video starts, we see two people wading in the water and a large hammerhead is in the area moving generally in their direction.  This in turn gets the guy shooting the video and his friends to start screaming at the two swimmers to get out of the water...but they don't move.

At about the 25 second mark, we can clearly see that the hammerhead is pursuing a stingray which just happens to be fleeing towards the two swimmers.

Video: Great White Rescued After Being Entangled in Fishing Line

Great white rescued from fishing line entanglement - before/after photo.
Here's a feel good story from South Africa where the crew from a shark cage diving operation helped rescue a great white shark which had fishing line tightly wrapped around its body.

The crew from the Marine Dynamics shark cage diving vessel Slashfin spotted the injured shark off Gaansbaai, South Africa. The fishing line was wrapped around near the anterior part of the shark and was cutting deep into its skin making the injury quite visible.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Video: Tiger Shark Cruising Through the Shallows in the Bahamas

Tiger shark cruising in the shallows of the Bahamas
We always enjoy watching the videos from the Bimini Sharklab but this one really stood out. It shows a tiger shark swimming at speed in very shallow waters.  Its dorsal fin is cutting a wake while its belly nearly scrapes the ocean floor. It's a very cool point of view that you don't often get a chance to see.

The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation is a US Federal non-profit research institution that has been at the forefront of shark research for the past 25 years. For more information on the Bimini Sharklab, visit:,,, and

The following is the video narrative which gives additional details about the tiger shark sighting:

Video: Sea Lion Has a Shark for Lunch

Sea lion consumes shark
A paddleboarder, who appears to be somewhere off the coast of California, came across nature in a bit of role reversal when he encountered a sea lion consuming a small shark.

It's unclear from the video if the sea lion killed the shark or merely came across it dead; but either way, the sea lion was most certainly enjoying its afternoon meal. And judging by the comments from the paddleboarders, they too seemed to enjoy seeing the sea lion in the role as victor.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Video: Massachusetts State Police Air Wing Film Great White 100 Yards of Duxbury Beach

Massachusetts State Police Air Wing video of great white
Although the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing is used to making the news when they help apprehend a criminal or assist in a rescue, today the made the news for a whole different reason when they captured video of a great white shark approximately 100 yards off shore Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts.

Below is the post that they made on their State Police Facebook page regarding the sighting. We have also posted the one minute segment of raw footage that they released on their Youtube page.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Video: SBS World News Takes a Look at Sea Shepherd's Upcoming Movie 'The Shark Cull'

Save our Sharks body paint. Protesting against the Western Australia shark cull
Protesting against the Western Australia shark cull
On August 23, 2014, SBS World News in Australia did a story regarding the upcoming release of the Sea Shepherd movie, 'The Shark Cull.'  The movie centers on Western Australia's controversial shark kill policy that went into effect in January 2014 following several fatal shark attacks. The SBS story outlines some of the key points made in the documentary but it also looks at some of the criticisms the documentary is receiving.

Since implementation of the cull, which ended in April 2014, a total of 72 drum lines were deployed to bait and hook large sharks (sharks over 3 meters were killed) and a total of 172 sharks were caught.  Of the 172, 50 met the size threshold and were killed, 18 were smaller sharks but died due to being caught and the others were released.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Video: Shark Week Drama as They Attempt to Put a Camera on a Great White Dorsal Fin

Great white bites boat - Lair of the Mega Shark (Shark Week)
Great white and the dingy - Lair of the Mega Shark (Shark Week)
I guess it just wouldn't be a proper Shark Week without barrels and barrels of drama heaped in a bucket and served in dingy.

In this segment from Lair of the Mega Shark, shark experts Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande attempt to put a camera on a great white while bobbing along in a little dingy. Or, as the scene is more enthusiastically explained in the Discovery narrative, the two are "in a small boat surrounded by giant great whites in this heart-pounding scene."

Friday, August 22, 2014

GoPro Video Purportedly Shows a Shark Attack in France

Video purportedly shows shark attack on bodyboarder in France
Video purportedly shows shark attack on bodyboarder in France
The following video was posted on August 22 with the caption, "New creepy Shark Attack shot with GoPro in France."

The description reads:
"New shark attack on bodyboarders in north of France. On the morning of 17th August 2014, my brother has been bitten by a shark while he was bodyboarding. Hopefully, I had a GoPro to catch it! A lot of seals are roaming around in this region, apparently sharks as well..."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Australian Spearfisherman Bitten in Face by Shark

Adam Haling recoups in hospital after shark bite
Adam Haling recoups in hospital after shark bite
We are just learning of a harrowing shark bite incident that occurred on Saturday, August 16, 2014, off Gnaraloo in Western Australia.

Adam Haling had been spearfishing with a friend when he speared a fish and was heading back to shore with his catch. He was in shallow water at about 2.5 meters in depth when a reef shark appeared out of nowhere and bit Adam on his snorkeling mask. Fortunately, the mask absorbed most of the impact but the shark's bottom row of teeth connected underneath his chin. As the shark pulled away, it tore off the mask and caused Adam to drop the speared fish.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great White Anatomy Graphic

Here's an interesting and rather simplified great white anatomy graphic.  Source
Great white anatomy graphic
Great white anatomy - click for larger version

Video: Shocked Fishermen Watch Massive Grouper Steal 4 Foot Shark

Grouped eats a black tip shark in Florida
Grouper (in red) grabs black tip shark right off the line - Florida
Last week Shark Week told us about a legendary great white named Submarine that supposedly terrorized boaters.  Well, in viewing the below video, maybe Shark Week had it wrong and Submarine was actually a mature grouper.

The video was shot in the waters off Bonita Springs, Florida and was taken in August 2014.  It shows anglers attempting to land a four foot black tip shark when at the 34 second mark, a large grouper power grabs the shark in one bite and swims off with a toothy dinner.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Caught on Video - Orca Flips Sea Lion 20 Feet Into the Air

Orca flips sea lion 20 feet into the air.
Killer whale flips sea lion 20 feet into the air.
Fishermen who were out with Anglers Adventures from Ketchikan, Alaska had an amazing front row seat to raw nature.  And since this is the era where everyone has a camera rolling, we too get a glimpse of the action.

A sea lion had taken refuge under their boat the F/V Sierra Dawn as it attempted to hide from a nearby killer whale. We see the sea lion shift back and forth from each side of the boat and when it briefly surfaces for air, it quickly looks back down deep into the water.

Video: The Importance of Tiger Sharks on an Ecosystem

Sea turtle
Sea turtle
Marine Biologists with Florida International University take a look at the importance of tiger sharks in a reef ecosystem.  The research was conducted with the Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project and was carried out in Western Australia.

In order to determine the importance of nature's top predator in an ecosystem, you need to study the entire ecosystem which means you can't just look at what tiger sharks eat (dolphins, fish, turtles) but you also need to look at what the tiger shark prey consumes (smaller fish and sea grasses).

Video: Whitetip Sharks Raid a Reef for Midnight Supper

Whitetip reef sharks feeding frenzy off Cocos Island
Whitetip reef sharks feed on reef off Cocos Island
Here's a cool action video featuring a large shiver of whitetip reef sharks hunting on a reef at Cocos Island. The videographer, Gina Sanfilippo, does a great job of freezing the video and then circling the doomed fish before the shark strikes. The frantic activity is wild to watch and as Gina states in the description, the video gives "you a little idea of the insanity experienced when you're in the water with hunting sharks."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Video: Angler Has Close Call With Lemon Shark While Removing Hook

Angler almost gets bitten by lemon shark while removing hook.
Close call for angler removing hook from lemon shark.
An angler had a close call while attempting to remove the fishing hook from a lemon shark. The video shows anglers with Team Rebel Fishing first catching and then pulling ashore a sizable lemon shark.

At the 1:25 mark, we see one of the guys begin attempting to remove the hook when the shark unexpectedly swings towards the angler and the shark's mouth gets precariously close to the anglers hands and face.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Video: Aerial View of Swimmer as He Passes Near Great White

Swimmer passes near great white off Manhattan Pier.
The aerial unit of KLTA news captured this video of a swimmer near Manhattan Beach pier coming close to several juvenile great white sharks.

Last month, a swimmer was bitten by a juvenile great white in the same area after he encountered the shark after it had been hooked by a pier fisherman.

In this case, the swimmer did not appear to even notice the shark and they stayed separated. At one point, the shark does appear to begin swimming towards the swimmer and we see the camera zoom in but the shark eventually turns away.

Video: Great White Bite Shown in 180 Time Slice Motion

Time slice of great white biting bait - Vime, Matt Tomaszewski
Ok, we'll skip getting into too many details but here's a very cool video showing time slice footage of a great white shark biting at bait line during a cage dive.

The video was shot using a 360 time slice technique which creates the illusion of frozen, or slowly progressing, time in motion video.  As you can see from the photo to the right, the image of the shark was captured from multiple angles at the same time creating a nearly 180 view of the shark.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Video: Whale Shark Surprises Spearfisherman

Whale shark surprises spearfisherman
What does it take to make a video go viral?  In this case, it takes a whale shark plowing into an unsuspecting spearfisherman and a whole lot of screaming.

In the video, we see a spearfisherman closely watching a tuna swim about.  At the 12 second mark, the spearfisherman can be seen pointing to the right of the camerman and screaming.  As the cameraman turns right, he gets plowed over by a whale shark that just happened to be passing through.

Video: Drone Captures Amazing Aerial Video of Whale Sharks, Mantas and Humans All Together

Drone captures amazing images of whale sharks, 
manta rays and swimmers all together. Video by Tom Gruber
Check out this incredible video as seen from a quadcopter in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

The drone, which was several hundred feet in the air, captured some awesome video of numerous whale sharks and large manta rays moving amongst some some very tiny human swimmers.

It's from a viewpoint that you probably haven't seen before.  Enjoy!

Video: Pair of Divers Feed and Pet Tiger Shark

Divers hand feed and pet tiger shark on GoPro video
Diver hand feeds a tiger shark
GoPro has just released this video showing a pair of divers, Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, petting and hand feeding a group of sharks, including tiger sharks.

The two were on a dive with Emerald Charters out of Jupiter, Florida and captured the action on their GoPro3+ camera.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Video: Great White Poops to the Cheers of Divers

Great white poops - 2013
Are you having a crappy day?  If so, then what better way is there to cheer you up then show you a video of a great white pooping?

Come on now, you know you're going to click the video and watch because really, who can resist such theater?  Sure you can always get your shark fix by watching Shark Week's mokumentaries about megalodon sharks. But a shark pooping on video, now that really is made for prime time viewing.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Video: A Close Up Look at Some of the Smaller Creatures Off Komodo Island

Dustin Adamson recently reached out to us regarding this amazing video that he off Komodo Island, Indonesia. Immediately his email peaked my curiosity as Komodo is one of my favorite places on the planet to visit.

In this video, Dustin decided to take a closer look at some of the smaller critters that divers often overlook during a dive. He notes:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

7-Year-Old Boy Bitten by Bull Shark in Lake Pontchartrain

A 7-year-old boy, Trent Trentacosta, was bitten by a shark on Friday while swimming in Lake Pontchartrain which is a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana outside New Orleans.

Trent's family had borrowed a friend's sailboat and they had decided to drop anchor to take a swim due to calm conditions.  Trent was playing with friends in clear water when he was bitten by the shark.

According to an interview published in the Inquisitr, the boy's mother described her son's account of the incident.

Shark Week: World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has been garnering a fair bit of criticism lately regarding some of their sensationalized shark stories.  Off course, non has garnered as much negative attention as the theory that megalodon's may still exist today.  But disregarding that, there has been some criticism that Shark Week focuses too much on shark attacks and not on the many other important issues impacting sharks.

So today, when we saw this latest Shark Week video on Youtube  "World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots," we thought they may once again be pushing the envelope.  But we were pleasantly surprised at the end of the short video when they put the risk of shark attacks in perspective.

Bull Shark Steals Great Barrier Reef Spearfisherman's Catch...and Then Swims Off With the Speargun

Bull shark steals spearfisherman's catch - Great Barrier Reef
Jack Strickland was spearfishing on Australia's Great Barrier Reef when he got an unexpected surprise from an opportunistic bull shark.

Jack spears a spangled emperor at the 25 second mark. The fish immediately begins frantically swimming and ends up wrapping the fishing line around some coral.

As Jack swims over and begins unwrapping the line, he looks and sees a bull shark darting towards his catch at the 35 second mark. The bull shark takes a large bite out of the snapper and at the 42 second mark the shark begins moving towards Jack who is swimming upwards towards the surface. As the shark nears, Jack beings to fend it off by trying to kick at the shark with his large flow swim fins.  And although the large fins cause Jack to move in near slow motion, it was enough to get the shark to turn around and we then see it swim back down to enjoy its snapper meal.

Official Shark Week Tees at Discovery Channel's Amazon Store

Are you ready for Shark Week which starts this Sunday, August 10th?  To help you get ready, make sure to check out the assortment of official Shark Week t-shirts at the Discovery Amazon Store.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Video: Great White Shark Dive at Neptune Islands in Southern Australia

Great white cage diving in Neptune Islands
Here's a quick 2 and a half minute video featuring a great white cage dive at the Neptune Islands in Southern Australia.

The dive was with Calypso Star Charters and the video was sent to us by Luc Rodgers.

It's an enjoyable video that will get you contemplating a cage dive with one of the ocean's top predators...the great white shark.

Shark Week Pranksters Places a Fin in FINSbury Park Lake

Shark week prank at Finsbury Park in London
This is turning out to be the season of shark pranks and it continues with the latest prank coming from Discovery's Shark Week.

This somewhat dull prank features a few ordinary folks enjoying a peaceful row through Finsbury Park lake in London when they are met with a large dorsal fin moving directly at them.  If this sounds like something out of JAWS, well, I think that was the point.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Video: Animatronic Shark Prank at London Fishmonger

Animatronic shark prank in London to promote Sharknado 2
In an effort to promote Sharknado 2, the folks at the Syfy Channel decided to put a fright into some costumers at a London fishmonger (shop that sells seafood).

The set up was simple. Get some special effects gurus to construct a somewhat lifelike animatronic shark, get a willing fish store owner and then place the prank shark on ice near a costumer pathway.  From there, you line the entire store with with hidden cameras and then sit back and wait for pandemonium to ensue.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


August 5, 2014
Maui business launches crowd-funding campaign to bring to market the first wearable Sonic Camouflage shark deterrent

MAUI–NoBite Technologies has created a long-range and easily understandable shark deterrent called the Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus. Using Sonic Camouflage technology, the O.R.C.A. emits sounds that keep sharks at a comfortable distance. NoBite has launched a crowd-funding campaign on to raise $175,000 by August 17. The devices will come with a “No Bite Guarantee” of $1 million.

The O.R.C.A. was created following eight shark attacks on Maui in 2013. After realizing that many ocean-goers were reluctant to go back into the water, NoBite Technologies co-founder Brandon Martin invented the O.R.C.A. “Some of my friends were afraid to get back out there,” said Martin. “So we developed a solution based on evolutionary science. Shark culling and other mitigation programs are far too disruptive to be a viable option,” he adds.

Video: Vacationer in Cancun Gets a Nasty Surprise from a Nurse Shark

Nurse shark ejects water in vacationers face.
How can you tell when a nurse shark doesn't want to be handled anymore? Just ask New Orleans DJ Corey Bonalewicz who was in Cancun, Mexico last week and received a not-so-fun surprise when the nurse shark he was attempting to pet ejected a large amount of water directly into his face.

Although Corey downplayed the humiliation when he posted the video on Twitter by saying, "Yea... We hugged a shark today. No big deal." But some in the media decided that there was a humorous opportunity to be had with this video. The Telegraph, true to their normal form, went with the headline, "Shark vomits in radio DJ's face."

First Time Shark Angler Lands Massive Lemon Shark in Florida

Codi Monroy poses with her massive 9 foot lemon shark catch in Delray Beach, Florida
Codi Monroy lands a 9 foot lemon shark
Codi Monroy has quite the fish story to tell about her first ever shark fishing trip. Last month, Codi was surf fishing with Team Rebel Fishing in Florida when she landed a massive 9 foot lemon shark. Not only does Codi have a photo as proof of her tale but she also has a video to back it up.

Codi told us that she hooked the shark at around 11:00 p.m. off Delray Beach.  From there, the fight was on as the young lady struggled with the powerful fish. And although fatigue took it's toll, it only took her 20 minutes to land the shark although she told us "it felt like forever."

Once to shore, the guys from Team Rebel Fishing took over and pulled the shark onto the wet sand so she could get a quick photo; and from there the shark was pulled back into the water and was swimming away on its own in less than a minute.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Video: Seal Surprises English Surfers and Takes a Ride

Seal takes a ride on a surfboard in England
Mathew Stanley captured this fantastic GoPro footage of a baby seal climbing onto his surfboard and spending about an hour with Matthew and his friend Andrew Flounders. The pair were surfing off the English coast of Amble, Northumberland.

Per the Youtube video description, this is what Mathew had to say about the unusual encounter.

“Me and my friend Andrew Flounders were out enjoying some summer waves when this little guy came along and scared the hell out of Andy because we didn’t know what it was! It nudged his foot from underneath,” he explained.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shark Week Sneak Peek: Researches Camera Becomes Prey for Great Whites

Great white bites the underwater drone REMUS.
In 2013, a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped "SharkCam" REMUS, an autonomous underwater vehicle, to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in their natural environment.

One of their goals was to track and film great whites hunting prey but what the researchers soon found out was that their Remus drone soon became the prey.

As explained in the video, the researchers believe the sharks became territorial and attacked the drone as it moved through their waters.

At the 1:28 mark, we see the first predatory attack as the shark strikes the AUV from below with no warning.  From that point, we hear the sharks teeth scraping and gnawing on the metal vehicle as it continues to inspect the foreign object with its powerful jaws.  It finally releases the drone about 10 seconds later.

Beached Whale Euthanized Following Possible Shark Predation Off South Carolina Beach

Pygmy whale euthanized on beach in Hilton Head South Carolina following possible shark predation.
Photo by J. McKoy Lamantia (used with permission).

Pygmy whale beached  on South Carolina beach following
possible shark attack. Photo by M. Higgins (with permission)
A pygmy whale, which had beached itself on Hilton Head Island on Saturday afternoon, was euthanized by authorities later in the evening due to poor health.

Earlier that afternoon a lifeguard with the Hilton Head Beach Patrol reported seeing an unidentified species of shark attacking the whale offshore prior to the whale's beaching.

In an interview with The State newspaper, Wayne McFee, a research wildlife biologist with NOAA's National Oceans Service, stated that the whale appeared sickly adding that "it was emaciated, not in robust healthy condition."

M. Higgins, a passerby who talked to a lifeguard on the scene, was told that the bites appeared to have been made by a shark with 1/2" wide teeth. He was also told that authorities on the scene did not believe that the shark caused the whale's beaching. With that said, in our opinion, even if the whale was heading to shore due to illness or other injuries, the shark's activities may have increased the whale's inclination to beach itself as shark attacks have been considered a factor in some mammal strandings.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Video: Hammerhead Shark Approaches Swimmers in Florida and Creates Panic with Onlookers

Hammerhead nears swimmers in Florida
It appears to be rather common this time of year to see hammerhead sharks approaching close to shore at gulf coast beaches while in search of food.  Of course when they do near shore, there is a good probability that there will be swimmers nearby.

This hammerhead was spotted from the Naverre fishing pier (east of Pensacola, Florida) and it created quite a panic with onlookers as the shark approached some swimmers.  Contrary to the onlookers, the swimmers didn't seem nearly as concerned. As for Mr. Shark, it appeared not to be at all interested in the activities of the swimmers.