Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video: Great White Penetrates Cage During Dive

Great white shark penetrates cage during cage dive.
As we often see in many shark cage dives, great whites are enticed with a bait ball to get as close as possible to the divers in order to maximize the excitement. And although many dive operators will do their best not to cause the the shark to make contact with the cage, some operators are still inclined to pull the bait ball towards the cage thus increasing the chance the shark will impact the cage.

In this video, just as the shark is about to grab the bait, the bait is yanked towards the cage and the shark takes up in pursuit. But what happens next was probably not what the dive operator wanted.  The great white penetrates the cage by about a foot or two and is momentarily stuck precariously close to the cage's hand rails.
The 48 second video is shown in full speed and then played in slow motion.  It was posted on Vimeo by David Jones but does not state when and where it was taken.  Photo is from screenshots.