Saturday, July 12, 2014

Video: Diver Panics Causing Tiger Shark to Become Too Interested in Him

Diver's panicky movements causes increased interest from tiger shark-South Africa
Here's an eye-opening video which shows what can happen when you don't stay calm in the presence of alpha predators.

According to the Youtube narrative, the interaction was captured by adventurer Rainer Schimp, operator of Expert Tours in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Rainer notes that there are a key do's and don'ts that drivers mush adhere to when diving with sharks:
- Never make rapid movements
- Never behave like prey and swim quickly away from a shark
- If a shark approaches, stay calm.  If it gets too close, gently push it away.
As noted in the narrative, "One diver lost his cool when the huge Tiger Shark got too close for comfort. Instead of staying calm, the diver hesitated and swam quickly upwards away from the shark. This reaction instantly triggered the hunting instincts of the hungry Tiger shark.  The shark immediately swam directly upwards, charging the diver...What could have been a fatal mistake was averted only because the diver realized their error at the very last moment, and gained composure enough to stop swimming frantically, which caused the shark to lose interest."

The video was posted on Youtube by MaxAnimal. Website: Check them out for more interesting videos.
Photo is a video screenshot.