Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Video: Anglers Post Video of What They Claim Is a Bull Shark in Lake Ontario

Anglers claim that this is a bull shark in Lake Ontario.
Is there a bull shark lurking in Lake Ontario? According to some anglers the answer is yes and they have posted a video which they believe proves it.

The anglers, who were fishing off Wolfe island in Kingston, Ontario in Canada, were reeling in a fish when an unknown, much larger fish, briefly surfaced and snatched away their catch.

The video starts at normal speed and then is subsequently replayed at slower speeds incorporating various zoom levels to best show the culprit fish.

Zoomed in view of possible Lake Ontario bull shark.
Although the fish appears to have a nice set of teeth and a prominent triangular dorsal fin, the video is just too distorted to make a conclusion.  But nonetheless, the video is garnering quite a bit of interest and now has over 160,000 views as word spreads about a possible shark in Lake Ontario.

With such a large number of video views, there are wide ranging comments with people weighing in on what they think it is.  And although some of the comments are far off base (dolphin or perch), the majority believe it is either a bull shark or some type of catfish.

So is it a bull shark or is it just a large freshwater fish?  Or maybe, it wasn't even filmed in the location that is claimed.  We have no answers at this time.  But for an official response, we'll defer to a spokesperson with Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources who stated in a National Post interview that “without good solid physical evidence we can’t confirm what it is.” So there you have it, the mystery looms.  What do you think it is?

[UPDATE 07/17: This was a hoax video created to build hype for the Discovery channel’s upcoming Shark Week programming.]