Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video: Diver Removes Fishing Hook from Silky Shark

Divers remove fishing hook from silky shark.
It's always nice to share a feel-good shark story and this one comes to us from Jupiter, Florida.

On Saturday July 26, 2014 the shark addicts went out diving with Emerald Charters, and Randy Jordan.  The encountered a silky shark with a large fishing hook stuck in its mouth and they decided to take action.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Video: Great White Spotted Off Cape Cod

Great white caught on video by family out boating off Nauset Inlet Cape Cod
Sure it is somewhat common to hear about great whites of the New England coast at this time of year but we don't often get to see one recorded.

This beauty was spotted by a family out boating off Nauset Inlet on July 19, 2014. Even though the clarity is not the best and the videographer neglected to turn his phone camera sideways to capture the passing in full screen, you have to love everyone's reaction at seeing this large shark pass right next to their boat. Good stuff.

The video was posted on Youtube by Stephen Brodeur and it is a short 20 seconds in length.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Video: Anglers Post Video of What They Claim Is a Bull Shark in Lake Ontario

Anglers claim that this is a bull shark in Lake Ontario.
Is there a bull shark lurking in Lake Ontario? According to some anglers the answer is yes and they have posted a video which they believe proves it.

The anglers, who were fishing off Wolfe island in Kingston, Ontario in Canada, were reeling in a fish when an unknown, much larger fish, briefly surfaced and snatched away their catch.

The video starts at normal speed and then is subsequently replayed at slower speeds incorporating various zoom levels to best show the culprit fish.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video: Mako Shark Filmed Flying Underwater at 50MPH

Mako shark at top speed.
You gotta love this video which shows a mako shark at top speed which is reportedly near 50MPH (80Km/h).  So sit back, hold on, and enjoy this 23 second thrill ride. Video posted by Internet Discoveries on YT.

Photos: Massive Shark Mural in Roeselare, Belgium

Bart Smates Smeets mural in Roeselare, Belgium
Bart Smates Smeets mural in Roeselare, Belgium
Bart Smates Smeets has a unique eye for sharks...especially very, very large sharks. Check out his work which adorns a building along the Hanekop canal in Roeselare, Belgium.

Smeets' work was a true standout at the DayOne Festival which was organized by Street Art Belgium back in May 2014. His lifelike mural featured a massive shark exploding from a bare factory wall while a nearby diver snapped a photo.

 Bart Smates Smeets mural
You can view more of Smeets' work on Pinterest:

Bart Smates Smeets mural in Roeselare, Belgium

Monday, July 14, 2014

Video: Great White Nearly Swims Ashore at an Australian Beach

Great white nearly beaches itself in Australia
A family at Coronation Beach which is just North of Geraldton, Western Australia (approx 300 miles/470 kilometers N. of Perth) had an unusual sighting while visiting the beach this past weekend. They came across a 7 to 8 foot great white shark nearly beaching itself on multiple occasions. Fortunately for us, they had their phone and captured some of the action on video.

The videographer states that the shark may have been sick or injured noting that the white pointer would repeatedly head off shore for about 50 yards and then turn around and come back to the beach.

Video: Aerial View of Great Hammerhead Hunting in the Shallows

Aerial view of hammerhead in shallow water-from Biopixel video.
Here are a couple of videos put out by Biopixel (web: featuring some cool aerials of sharks doing what they do. The top one is of a hammerhead hunting in shallow water and the bottom one features a lemon shark in search of food while moving about at a high rate of speed.

Neither video have sound but they are quite enjoyable to watch.  The hammerhead video is 4:40 in length and the lemon shark is a quick 51 seconds.  Enjoy.
Photo is a video screenshot.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great White Photobomb (with video)

Surprise photo - great white photobombs cage diver
Lesson for today: Don't be surprised at what may photobomb your pic when cage diving with great whites.

The video below shows what happens when a cage diver takes a moment to look at the camera to capture a memory of his shark cage diving adventure.  A great white decides to get in on the action.  Mr. Toothy appears at the 21 second mark.

[EDIT: Unfortunately, as of 07/14/2014, the video has been removed from Youtube.]

[EDIT: 12/03/2014 - a new shark photobomb from Australia. View here.]

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Video: Diver Panics Causing Tiger Shark to Become Too Interested in Him

Diver's panicky movements causes increased interest from tiger shark-South Africa
Here's an eye-opening video which shows what can happen when you don't stay calm in the presence of alpha predators.

According to the Youtube narrative, the interaction was captured by adventurer Rainer Schimp, operator of Expert Tours in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Rainer notes that there are a key do's and don'ts that drivers mush adhere to when diving with sharks:
- Never make rapid movements
- Never behave like prey and swim quickly away from a shark
- If a shark approaches, stay calm.  If it gets too close, gently push it away.

Video: Paddleboarder Skims Over Juvenile Great White in California

Paddleboarder passes over great white in California
During this time of year, it is not uncommon to see videos from Southern California of juvenile great whites close to shore.  As a matter of fact, typically we see about a video every week from paddleboarders, kayakers and surfers featuring their close encounters.

This video was shot from a drone and shows a paddleboarder riding a wave and passing right over the shark (23 second mark).  Most likely, the boarder never even saw the shark.  Very cool video as both the shark and boarder doing what they do...without much thought of the other.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video: Drone Video of Juvenile Great White Shark Amongst Paddleboarders in California

Drone films Great white encounter with paddleboarders in California.
We nornally associate TMZ with celebrity photos and videos.  But this video from TMZ Sports caught our attention.  The video shows two paddleboarders checking out a juvenile great white shark off a Los Angeles California beach.

In the last year we've seen quite a few videos of juvy great whites being trailed by paddleboarders with GoPros at the ready. But what made this video so unique is that the encounter was shot from a drone and we get a very cool aerial view of the action.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video: Great White Penetrates Cage During Dive

Great white shark penetrates cage during cage dive.
As we often see in many shark cage dives, great whites are enticed with a bait ball to get as close as possible to the divers in order to maximize the excitement. And although many dive operators will do their best not to cause the the shark to make contact with the cage, some operators are still inclined to pull the bait ball towards the cage thus increasing the chance the shark will impact the cage.

In this video, just as the shark is about to grab the bait, the bait is yanked towards the cage and the shark takes up in pursuit. But what happens next was probably not what the dive operator wanted.  The great white penetrates the cage by about a foot or two and is momentarily stuck precariously close to the cage's hand rails.