Monday, June 16, 2014

Anglers SloMo Video of Large Hammerhead Shark Destroying Tarpon

Video of hammerhead shark attacking tarpon
Hammerhead shark attacks tarpon.
Some anglers participating in the White Buffalo Tarpon Tournament in Florida almost caught a possible prized size tarpon but their efforts were stopped short due to an opportunistic hammerhead shark.

As they were reeling in the tarpon, the large hammerhead appeared.  They immediately let the spool loose so the tarpon had a chance to get away.  But fate was not on the tarpon's side and eventually the shark got a hold of the estimated seven foot tarpon.

One of the anglers had a GoPro and shot some underwater footage while holding the camera in his hand. The video was posted on Youtube by Herald Tribune and much of it is in slow motion to better show the activity.  (2:01 in length)