Sunday, March 16, 2014

Video: Sand Tiger Shark Spotted with Massive Head Injury

Over the years, I've seen some incredible images of sharks with what look to be fatal injuries continuing to move about normally.

Great white injury -
Just last year, Pete Thomas from Grind TV, wrote an article about the amazing healing powers of great whites. In the article, he posted before & after pics of a great white with a severe head wound.  The after shots showed that the shark had healed itself within months from a seemingly fatal wound.

In studying sharks ability to heal from severe wounds, world-renowned shark expert Professor Mahmood Shivji, Ph.D states that the ability of sharks to "heal very quickly from external wounds is remarkable." According to Dr. Shivji, this healing proficiency is partially attributed to the fact that sharks continually shed and replace body parts including teeth and fin spines.

Sand tiger shark with severe head wound
I came across this video the other day from North Carolina and it showed a sand tiger shark with an awful head wound. The shark was missing a massive chunk from its head yet it appeared to move about normally. The videographer stated that it appeared that the shark had been bitten and that the brain was exposed.  He and his fellow divers affectionately named the shark "Brainy."

It is unknown if the shark was ultimately able to recover from the severe injury but we can hold out hope considering the before & after photos of the great white.

The video was posted by Brad Stegmann from an August 2012 dive trip to the graveyard of the Atlantic off the NC coast.
Photo is screenshot from video.