Saturday, March 15, 2014

Video: Caribbean Reef Shark Becomes Aggressive Towards Diver Culling Lionfish

Diver fends off aggressive Caribbean reef shark  
While culling lionfish off of Frank Sound in the Cayman Islands, diver Jason Dimitri was forced to fend off a Caribbean reef shark that had become overly interested in his catch.

Jason states that the shark appeared out of nowhere in about 70 feet of water and "scared the crap" out of him. The shark made several aggressive moves towards Jason and he was forced to use his Hawaiian Sling to strike at the shark.

One of Jason's Facebook friends (Michael S.) accessed the situation this way: "Nice job handling that situation. Add shark fencing to your resume."

Jason notes that he returned an our later and retrieved the bucket and that all the lionfish were still inside.

Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean.  Their numbers are mushrooming as they continue to overrun the reef ecosystem.  Lionshis are a ravenous species and will consume anything that they can fit into their mouths and will eat up to three times their own body weight.

In a continuing effort to protect the Cayman Islands ecology, the Department of the Environment has asked dive operators to cull lionfish from Cayman reefs whenever possible

Key points from the Youtube video: 41 second mark and the 1:30 mark.
Photo is video screenshot