Friday, February 7, 2014

Video: Great White Circles Boat Off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia

Large great white circles boater off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia
Earlier in the week, a two meter great white was spotted close to shore at Lorne Beach in Victoria, Australia. The sighting prompted officials to evacuate the water until surf lifesavers were able to usher the shark out to sea using an inflatable rescue boat.

Great white off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia
Although the beach was closed for only about a 1/2 hour, the sighting & beach closing was carried by quite a few news organizations.  In turn, this prompted the resurfacing of a video from September 2013 of a large great white sighting by boaters a few miles off the same beach.

The video was posted by Alan Falzon and James Prascevic via Dragonus1979 and it is 6:36 in length.  It shows a 4m great white circling the boat for several minutes and at one point, the shark bumps the vessel.

Great white bumps boat off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia
Although the guys on board are clearly excited about their rare encounter, they also grow more concerned as the shark continues to stay in the area. It's a cool video with some nice footage.  But what makes it most enjoyable is the commentary from the guys as they come to grips with their first ever great white encounter. (NOTE: Adult Language)

A few key points:
-1:10 Shark makes a close pass.
-1:50 Boaters discuss that the shark appears to be "sizing them up" and that they should have left a while ago but have dawned life jackets just in case.
-2:35 Shark makes another close pass, boaters growing more concerned.
-3:30 Boater states he really doesn't want to leave but also questions if they are pushing their luck.
-4:15 Boaters toss a squid head in the water which shark ignores.
-4:55 Shark bumps the boat
-5:55 Boater states that his hands are shaking (jimmy hands) and shortly after, they decide it's time to leave.