Monday, February 17, 2014

Great White Snow Shark in Michigan

The winter of 2014 is turning out to be the season of the snow shark.  A couple of months ago, three brothers in New Brighton, Minnesota gained nationwide notoriety when they constructed a ten foot snow shark in their front yard.  Fast forward today and we have yet another snow shark making the media rounds.

Stephen Garcia constructed this impressive great white shark in his front yard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Garcia told WZZM News that although it was a lot of work, he enjoys doing it because he enjoys seeing "people laughing and liking it."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video: Spearfishermen Have Close Encounter with Tiger Shark in Australia

Spearfishermen fend off tiger shark in Australia
This video was recently posted on Youtube and shows two spearfishermen having to fend off a tiger shark with their speargun.

Unfortunately, the video description lacked a lot of detail but it notes that it was shot at the Coral Sea in Australia. The poster adds that the spearfishermen "experienced a terrifying and exciting encounter with a tiger shark."

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spearfisherman Killed in Shark Attack Off South Australia

Spearfisherman killed in shark attack off South Australia
A 28-year-old Adelaide man was killed in a shark attack while spearfishing off the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.  The attack occurred on Saturday February 8, 2014 at around noon.

The victim was spearfishing with a group of seven friends at Goldsmith Beach ahead of a spearfishing competition, the York Peninsula Classic, which was set to be held in the area on Sunday.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Video: Great White Circles Boat Off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia

Large great white circles boater off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia
Earlier in the week, a two meter great white was spotted close to shore at Lorne Beach in Victoria, Australia. The sighting prompted officials to evacuate the water until surf lifesavers were able to usher the shark out to sea using an inflatable rescue boat.

Great white off Lorne Beach in Victoria Australia
Although the beach was closed for only about a 1/2 hour, the sighting & beach closing was carried by quite a few news organizations.  In turn, this prompted the resurfacing of a video from September 2013 of a large great white sighting by boaters a few miles off the same beach.

The video was posted by Alan Falzon and James Prascevic via Dragonus1979 and it is 6:36 in length.  It shows a 4m great white circling the boat for several minutes and at one point, the shark bumps the vessel.

28-Year-Old Surfer Bitten Three Times by Shark in New Zealand

Porpoise Bay Beach - Pic credit AAtravel
New Zealand police report that a surfer was bitten by a shark on February 7th, 2014 off Porpoise Bay Beach near Curio Bay.

The 28-year-old victim was on his board approximately 50m from the beach when he was attacked Friday evening at around 8:20pm.  He sustained three bite wounds to his leg ranging from his calf to his thigh.

He was transported by helicopter to Southland Hospital were he was listed in stable condition.

Shark attack at Curio Bay, New Zealand
Following the attack, signs were put up in the vicinity of Porpoise Bay requesting people not enter the water until further notice from the Department of Conservation.

Several NZ news organizations are reporting that the shark involved was a great white (white pointer) but none have provided any source for the statement.

This marks the second shark incident in New Zealand waters this year.  Last month a spearfisherman sustained a shark bite near Garden Bay.  Read story here.

UPDTATE: 02/09/2014
• The surfer has been identified as Darren Mills, a British citizen.
• Experts believe it was a 9' Great White  responsible for the attack.
Read more at the Daily Mail and Stuff.

CNN: Shark's 'man-eater' image undergoes makeover

CNN 02/05/2014 - Not since Mickey Mouse raised the profile of the common house rodent has an animal enjoyed such an extreme makeover, but sharks -- once the subject of guts-and-gore horror classics like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea -- have entered the new millennium as "beautiful creatures." 

No longer ominous, sinister and man-eating, the Great White shark is more likely to attract the sobriquets magnificent, powerful and beautiful online... 

Check out the story on CNN
Photo from article