Saturday, January 18, 2014

Video: Kayak Fisherman Has Jaws-Like Moment in Florida

Kayak fisherman encounters shark in Florida
If you are the type who is easily spooked by sharks, then what unfolded in this video might have scared the heck out of you.  But fortunately, that was not the case for this angler who was fishing of Fort Desoto Park in a stip of water called Bunces Pass (St Petersburg, Florida).  And though I hate to ever use a comparison with the Jaws movie, this video sure does seem reminiscent of the scene in the lagoon when the boys are sailing and encounter the man in a dingy.

The angler states that the shark was in about four feet of water when he captured it on video. He adds that he is not a shark expert but believes it to be either a lemon or bull shark. The shark appears at the 15 second mark and he explained the encounter as such:
"Earlier when I was fishing I saw the shark. I knew it was the biggest shark that I have see from the kayak. So I thought to myself since I was alone let me put the camera on, just in case. I continued fishing and forgot about the shark, then I got a feeling like I was been watched. When the shark was approaching I was not scared, I was excited. You can see in the video that I adjusted to the camera because I wanted to make sure that the shark was in the shot.
After the shark left that is when a bit of  cautiousness set in. I continued to fish for a while but I was very aware of my surroundings."

The video was posted by Rick395 and is 42 seconds in length. Photo is a screenshot.