Sunday, January 19, 2014

Video: Crazy Moments from Recent Great White Shark Cage Dives

Great white penetrates shark cage - from first video by efsane 68.
Here are several videos from recent great white cage dives where the divers had close encounters with the star attraction.

Several of the videos clearly show that the shark was enticed to make contact with the cage in order to give the divers a more close-up experience. There is ongoing debate in the shark cage dive community as to whether this is a good practice as it can cause injury to the shark.

In my opinion, the practice is unnecessary as most divers would be more than happy to view great whites up close and don't need to experience having the shark crash into the cage and risk potential injury.

Posted by pilerats. Key scene starts at 8 second mark.

Posted by Cojomocph. Key scene starts at 4 second mark.

Posted by L Max. Key scene starts almost immediately.

Added on 09/10/2014 & posted by Tn'A WorldTourHoneymoon.  Multiple key scenes as the tour operator continually entices the shark to strike the cage.  At the 1:06 mark, is the shark actually bending the cage rails?