Saturday, November 30, 2013

Video: Great White Chomps Down on Sea Bird During Cage Dive

What happens when you mix a great white shark with an elusive piece of bait and a brazen seabird? In this case, the seabird loses.

The following video was posted by Sydney Dean and was taken on a cage dive near the Neptune Islands in Australia.

The shark repeatedly attempts to grab the bait but on each occasion, the bait handler yanks it out of reach. As the shark keeps missing the bait, you can almost feel the shark's frustration as it bites at nearby birds that are bobbing about while attempting to pick up scraps.

Fatal Shark Attack Takes Life of 19-Year-Old in New South Whales, Australia

Campbell's Beach following attack-by Frank Redward/SMH
A teenage bodyboarder was killed in a shark attack while surfing approximately 200 metres off Cambell’s Beach, located north of Coff’s Harbour in New South Wales.

Zac Young, age 19, was surfing with friends at around 2:00pm on Saturday, November 30, 2013, when he was bitten on the legs by what is believed to be a tiger shark.

Zac and his friends were all siting upright on their boards when the attack occurred.

58-Year-Old Women Bitten by Shark in Maui, Hawaii

On Friday November 29, 2013, a 58-year-old Hiaku resident was bitten by a shark at Keawakapu Beach in Kihei, Maui.

At around 1:00pm, the victim was snorkeling approximately 60 feet off shore when an unknown species of shark bit her right calf.

Several beachgoers aided the woman by placing her on a bodyboard and helping her to shore.

The woman was transported by ambulance to Maui Memorial Medical Center with non fatal injuries.  A two mile stretch of beach was closed but is expected to reopen early this afternoon.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Video of Tiger Shark Gaffed Multiple Times Sparks Question About Gaff and Release

Tiger shark with gaffed wound
Should a fisherman use a gaff on a shark they plan on releasing? That question came to mind after viewing the below video of a tiger shark caught off Virginia Beach, Virginia. The video was posted on November 20, 2013 and shows what appears to be a juvenile tiger shark being gaffed multiple times after being pulled next to the boat.

As the angler gets the shark next to the boat, you hear a man (who I assume is the captain) giving commands to a man holding a gaff. The captain tells him, "Get its head out of the water before you do anything...right in its mouth."

The gaffer misses the mouth and instead gaffs it in the lower jaw.  As he struggles to control the shark, we hear the captain state, "everybody got a picture?  You can probably cut it (the line)."

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Video: Whale Shark Caught by Two Haitian Fishermen

Two Haitian fishermen hauled to shore what some are calling the largest whale shark ever caught in Haitian waters.

Apparently the shark was caught on the evening of November 20, 2013.  The Haiti Observer believes that the two fishermen were most likely fishing in a "bya fouye" which is a very small, hand crafted boat.

After it was brought to shore, a large crowd gathered to have a look.  Eventually a crane (3:30 mark) was used to place the animal on a flatbed truck at which point we assume it was taken to be butchered.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Video: Sperm Whale Explodes in Faroe Islands

Sperm whale explodes in Faroe Islands
In the bizarre video of the week department, we have this one from the Faroe Islands guessed it, an exploding whale.

Apparently this sperm whale died of natural causes in the Faroe Islands. When a man was attempting to open it up by its stomach, a large decomposition gas pocket erupted nearly showering him with whale innards. We can only imagine that the smell was much worse than the visual.

Video: Shark Jumps into Dive Boat

When you go on a shark dive, you expect to encounter sharks in the water.  What you don't expect is to have a shark nearly land on your lap while you're still in the boat.

A bait line handler had an eager reef shark on the end of his line and was keeping it near the surface so the diver's on board could get some up close photos of the shark.  As the handler kept pulling up on the rope and the shark kept on kicking, before you could blink an eye, the shark was in the boat.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Photos Emerge of Great White Being Gaffed and Landed in South Africa

Anglers land great white shark in South Africa
Photos of two fishermen apparently landing & gaffing a great white shark in the Mossel Bay area of South Africa is causing a growing outcry in social media circles.

Since 1991, it has been illegal in South African waters to catch or even attempt to catch great whites. If an angler accidentally hooks a white, he must release it as soon as he identifies it as a great white.  This typically means cutting the line.

The photos were apparently taken a couple of weeks ago and were posted on Facebook and on the forum Sealine, a South African angling and boating forum, on November 16th. From that moment, the circulation of the photos spread as they were shared on various social networks.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Video: Diver Has Up Close Experience with Tiger Shark Off Cocos Island

What do you do when you are in the middle of a dive and encounter a large tiger shark?  In Janet Thomas' case, you enjoy every minute of it.

Thomas was working with, and on a shark and sea turtle tagging expedition at Cocos Island when she had the surprise encounter.

Cocos Island is an uninhabited island off the shore of Costa Rica.  It  is sometimes refereed to as "the island of the shark" because of the claim that there are more sharks per cubic meter at Cocos than anywhere else on the planet. The area is home to a wide range of shark species as well as a near endless list of other marine life.

Surfer Killed in Shark Attack at Gracetown Beach Western Australia

Lefthanders Beach following the shark attack - by ABC/Ruslan Kulski
Shortly after 9:00am on Saturday November 23, 2013, 35-year-old Chris Boyd, a father of two, was killed by a great white shark while surfing at Lefthanders Beach near Gracetown, Western Australia.

Gracetown – well known for its surfing and nearby wine production  is approximately 160 miles south of Perth.

According to a report with ABC, the shark had made contact with another board before attacking the victim.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Siberian Huskies Investigate Large Dorsal Fin Off Northern California Coast

Large fin just off the coast of 
Lately we've seen quite a few videos with folks getting up close & personal with sharks. Well now it seems to have infected some in the the four legged world. This video comes to us from Somoa Beach near Eureka, CA.

Kahlukers, who posted the video a few hours ago, states that she shot this at sunset on Thursday, November 21, 2013. She spotted two sharks swimming in the breakers parallel to the shoreline and fortunately for us, was able to record one of them.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Video: Yet Another California Paddleboarder Films Several Great Whites Close to Shore

Great white swims under SUP off Manhattan Beach
In what might be called the GoPro year of the California Great White, we have yet another video showing juvenile great whites off the coast of Southern California.

This most recent video was posted on Youtube on 18 November 2013 and shows three great whites swimming about several paddleboarders off Manhattan Beach in Santa Monica Bay.

Greenland Shark Saved From Certain Death After Choking on Moose Hide

Greenland shark at Norris Arm North-Photo by Derrick Chaulk
In the crazy shark story of the day, week, month ok, ok, maybe the year department, we have this story coming out of Norris Arm North, N.L., Canada.

Derrick Chaulk spotted what he thought was a small beached whale along the shoreline.  When he went to investigate, he found that it was actually a greenland shark.  Also present was Jeremy Ball.

Greenland shark at Norris Arm North-Photo by Derrick Chaulk
The two men initially thought the shark was dead but then noticed some movement.  Upon closer inspection, they noticed a moose hide stuck in the shark's mouth.

They knew that the hide would have to be pulled out to save the shark but who was going to do it? Jeremey Ball took the ball (we couldn't resist) and yanked out the lodged hide.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Video: Swimmer in Bora Bora Bear Hugs Shark and Goes For a Ride

We are continuing to see an increase in the number of videos coming out showing people riding sharks. So many in fact that we now have an index for it on the blog: Riding a Shark.

The early videos were usually put out by individuals who had years of experience around sharks.  In most of those cases, they would acknowledge that there was risk involved but they were able to minimize that risks due to their understanding of shark behavior and their ability to read the animals.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Video: Spearfisherman Holds His Ground as 13' Tiger Shark Takes Interest in His Catch

We were alerted today to a video recently posted showing a spearfisherman in Hawaii encountering a large tiger shark. After viewing it, we could see that it was reposted so we did a search and found the original dated 06/09/12.  It's a pretty impressive video so we have shared it below.

Tiger shark takes interest in spearfisherman's catch.
The video shows a spearfisherman having a productive day in the clear waters off Haleiwa, Oahu. After spearing several fish, he takes them up to the surface to place them onto a stringer which was tied to his kayak.

The video camera is attached to his head so as he bobs up and down in the chop of the water, the view continually cuts from below to above water.  Just after the 1:30 mark, the video cuts back underwater and surprise, there is a 13' tiger shark lurking close by.

Nine Dead After Eating Toxic Shark Meat in Madagascar

Traditional fishing boats.
The Africa Review is reporting that nine residents from the eastern Madagascar village of Mahasoa Ampasimbe Manatsatrana have died after eating shark meat caught by local fishermen last week. In addition to the fatalities, 110 people are currently still in hospital suffering from various nervous system issues including delirium and paralysis.

Authorities believe the outbreak was caused by toxins in the shark meat but they are still waiting for laboratory analysis to confirm the exact cause. In the meantime, an order has been issued by authorities banning the consumption of seafood.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Video: Great White Grabs Seabird & Then Spits It Out

Great white grabs seabird
It's a given that when you go on a great white cage dive you pretty much expect seeing whitey going after the yummies at the end of the bait line. What you don't normally expect to see is the same shark chomping down on something living.

Divers on a cage dive with Calyspo Star Charters out of Port Lincoln, South Australia got a bit of a surprise the other day when a great white bypassed the baited fish line and instead grabbed a seabird that was opportunistically chowing down on surface scraps (8 second mark).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Video: Greg Pickering Discusses His Shark Attack in Extended Interview

Greg Pickering discusses the shark attack with Sunday Night
Just over a month ago, Greg Pickering was fighting for his life after suffering a near life-ending shark attack while diving for abalone off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia (see original story here). Today, he sat down with Seven Network's Sunday Night program and discussed the circumstances of the attack and the harrowing eight hours that it took for him to get to the hospital.

Greg has been a abalone diver for nearly 33 years. He is an avid diver, spearfisherman and is a world class freediver once holding his breath for six minutes while on a dive.  Greg attributes his overall ease of being underwater and his ability to remain calm in adverse situations as a large factor in what saved his life.  The other factor?  Luck.

Shark Cruises Close to Shore Off Bowman's Beach at Sanibel Island, Florida

Shark of Bowman Beach at Sanibel Island by Laitham Haddad
Laitham Haddad reached out to us the other day via Facebook to let us know about an impressive shark video that he took off Bowman's Beach at Sanibel Island, Florida. The video is about a minute long and shows a fairly good sized shark swimming very close to shore as the sun sets in the background. 

Laitham wasn't a 100% sure what type of shark it was but he believes it was a bull shark.

In August 2013, a 17-year-old was bitten by a shark while fishing from a sandbar at Sanibel Island.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Video: 10 Foot Hammerhead Shark Attacks Airplane...Well, Sort Off

Jaws-The Revenge 
Sorry, we just couldn't resist conjuring up the over-the-top image from Jaws-The Revenge (or more commonly known as Jaws 4) where the toothy star takes out a plane.

Hammerhead shark pursues bait up to plane
In this case, the shark was coaxed to the plane by a fisherman pulling in a yummy looking fish. As the shark takes up hot pursuit, the fishermen begin laughing with excitement and one guy tells the angler to bring, "bring it to the plane."

The shark, taking his cue, pursues the fish rights up to the plane's pontoon much to the delight of everyone on board.

The plane, which we should add was not harmed in the making of this video, is with Bourgeois Fishing Charters located in South Louisiana.

A Jawsome Set of Shark Dentures

George Middlebrook sports a set of jawsome shark dentures.
How big of a shark fan are you? Big enough to risk lead poisoning? Well for George Middlebrook, a Caribbean shark fisherman, that risk wasn't enough to stop him from doing something completely bizarre.

In the 1950's, George was the first person (and most likely, still the only person) to have sported a set of false teeth made out of shark's teeth.

To make his homemade chompers, George took a wax impression of his mouth, transferred the impression to wet sand, poured in some not-so-healthy hot lead, and then inserted the shark teeth into the mold thus creating the world's first set of shark teeth dentures.

And for his efforts, Middlebrook was rewarded with a part in a movie called "The Sharkfighter" which was being filmed on location off the Isle of Pines, Cuba.  In addition, George's razor teeth earned him a write-up in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Thumbs up on their picture caption, "Tough steak, anyone?"
Photo credit.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Video: Several Orcas Ride a Yacht's Wake

Orcas ride boat's wake.
It's often easy to forget that Killer Whales are actually from the dolphin family.  But when you watch the below video, that fact may become a tad more obvious.

These apex predators are the kings of the ocean and one can consider themselves very fortunate if they ever get the opportunity to view them in their natural setting.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Video: Entering the Shark World in Black and White

Florida sharks in black and white
Time to let the distractions of the colorful underworld be muted so you can focus solely on the beauty of sharks.

This video, which was posted today on Vimeo, takes us into the waters off the Florida coast and we get to experience the ocean's apex predators in pure black and white.

Mickey Smith states that he and his dive buddy Cameron Nimmo took all the footage off Jupiter, FL using GoPro cameras.  He also adds that there is more to come so we'll be watching out for it.

Australian Surfer Has a Close Call with a 13+ Foot Great White

Shaun Daily holds his outstretched hands to describe the mouth
of the shark that knocked him off his surfboard.
A 19-year-old surfer had a close call with a large great white 50m off Trigg Beach which is in Perth, Western Australia.

Shaun Daily told 9 News that he seen many sharks before but nothing like what he saw today at 3:30pm.  He was sitting on his board when he felt a thump on his board and then the saw the head of a "massive" four meter (13+ feet) great white next to him.

Monday, November 11, 2013

77-Year-Old Fisherman Sustains Serious Shark Bite While Fishing Offshore in The Bahamas

Eleuthera in The Bahamas
According to a news release by the The Royal Bahamas Police Force, a 77-year-old male Canadian visitor was bitten by a shark while fishing off of Cape Eleuthera. The incident occurred on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

In the release, officials referred to it as a 'shark attack' but according to the Nassau Guardian who interviewed police Superintendent Stephen Dean, the angler was on the boat and while he was attempting to land the shark, it jumped out of the water and landed in the boat.

Superintended Dean described it as a "bizarre incident" which resulted in the victim sustaining serious, but not life-threatening, injuries to his arm and leg.

The incident occurred at 11:00am but it took the vessel until 2:00pm before they could reach shore and transfer the victim to a local medical clinic for treatment. The victim was subsequently airlifted to hospital in Fort Lauderdale for further treatment.

We will update the story if more information becomes available.

Surfer Bitten by Shark Off Floridana Beach, Florida

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, a surfer was bitten by a shark off Floridana Beach which is located on a barrier island in Brevard County, Florida.

According to Space Coast Daily, Sandor Melian was surfing with a physician friend, Dr. David Dominquez at about 8:45 in the morning. Melian was paddling back to the lineup and was going over the face of a wave when he felt a hard bump on the back of his left leg and was bitten on the foot by a six to eight foot unidentified type of shark.

Melian, who is trained as a medic, realized that he needed to stay calm and he caught a wave back to shore where fellow surfer and friend, Dr. Dominquez worked on his injury.

Melian suffered a severed tendon and lacerations to his toes and required 20 stitches.  His recovery time is estimated between four to six weeks.

While reflecting on the incident and whether it will keep him from the water in the future, Melian told Space Coast Daily, "I always pray to God to take care of me before I go out there. I think might just go back to my longboard. I’m definitely going back out there as soon as I can.”

Video: The Magnificent Great Whites of Guadalupe Island

Head to Guadalupe Island to get up close with Great Whites and experience some of the world's best diving conditions for viewing these magnificent apex predators of the seas.
Great white cage diving off Guadalupe Island  

This fantastic video was posted the other day on Vimeo and was taken off Guadalupe Island in early August 2013. The video has some amazing up close shots of the local great whites that frequent the area. 

Whitey gets up close off  Guadalupe Island  
Surprisingly, the entire video was shot using an Apple iPhone4 and the video quality is exceptional. It most certainly proves that you don't need high dollar underwater equipment to capture some solid video.  Of course, the visibility that his area is known for helps considerably no matter what video tools you are using.

Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific ocean 150 miles off the Mexican Baja California peninsula and is considered to be one of the top destination in the world for great white shark encounters.

Lake Isabella Shark Prank Video Goes Viral

Lake Isabells, Wofford Heights, CA shark prank.
What happens when a large shark fin appears behind a swimmer (thanks to a sneaky scuba diver) in a fresh water lake and then everyone around the swimmer begins screaming shark?  Well if someone is filming the whole thing, you end up having a video with some serious viral legs.

Yesterday, a video was posted on LiveLeak which showed the harsh prank on an unsuspecting soul. It appears that it occurred at Lake Isabella located in Wofford Heights, California.

When viewed, you'll have one of three reactions: it was hilarious, it was downright mean or it was just plain stupid...and quiet possibly, you may experience all three.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Video: Great White Eats Video Camera & We Get Amazing View from Inside Its Mouth

Here's a viewpoint from a great white that you would normally not see and still live to tell about.

Earlier this year, fishermen off the coast of South Australia encountered a large great white circling their boat. Not wanting this chance encounter to go to waste, they pulled out their underwater camera and plunked into the water to capture some up close underwater footage.

All was well until about the 1:25 mark when they lost sight of the shark.  Unfortunately for them, the shark didn't lose sight of their camera and at the 1:42 mark, the viewpoint changes to us looking out through the shark's mouth.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

HD Video: Orca Kills Great White 30 Miles Off the San Francisco Coast

In 1997, a group of whale watchers off the San Francisco, California coast near the Farallon Islands witnessed an amazing event, a great white shark being killed by an orca.

Although various videos have been available of the event, National Geographic is currently airing a special called "A Night of Exploration: Killer Whale vs. Jaws" and they are showing the original footage in HD quality (see below) which is by far, better quality than any of the other videos out there.

The video is mixed with both above & below the water footage including some reenactment. Noteworthy time periods: Actual attack occurs at 2:02.  Actual underwater footage starts at 4:05.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo: Great White Slaughter To Hopefully Stay a Thing of the Past

We know these are disturbing images but it wasn't that long ago that 'shark hunters' such as this guy were revered when they returned to the dock with a catch like this.

Families with their children would gather around and look at the 'terrifying beast' that was pulled from the ocean depths.  Fortunately, times have have changed to some degree but it is still important to push the conservation message forward in order to ensure that scenes like this don't once again become the norm.

Freaky Friday Video: What Happens When You Crack an Egg 60' Underwater?

Cracking a raw egg underwater
Time for a brief break from the shark world as we take a look at a subject that has been perplexing mankind since nearly the time of Adam.  What happens when you crack an egg underwater?

Thankfully for all of us, the pioneers at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences decided to tackle this gooey subject and were nice enough to film the endeavor.

1963 shark attack survivor talks about the near fatal attack, his work on Jaws & his love for sharks

As the 50th anniversary of Rodney Fox's near fatal shark attack nears, we thought it would be nice to share his story.

Here's an interesting interview he recently did with some young students in Santa Barbara, California when he was in town to give a talk at the Underwater Film Festival.  In the interview, he discusses the attack, his work on the movie Jaws (and why he had to put lipstick on a real shark), and his overall love for sharks and the underwater world.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photo: Did the Famed Great White Mary Lee Have Part of This Dolphin for Lunch?

To many people who live along the eastern coast of the US, Mary Lee has become a bit of a celebrity.  For folks who don't know, Mary Lee is a 3,500 pound, 16 foot great white that was tagged with a satellite tracker last year by OCEARCH.  Since that time, the world has been closely watching her movements.

Mary Lee's location in proximity to where dead dolphin washed up on shore
What has made Mary Lee so fascinating compared to the other east coast tagged sharks is that she appears to enjoy staying close to shore in the winter months.  During the summer, she moved farther out to sea off the GA/NC border.  But as soon as the water temps began to drift down, she came to life and began moving up the coast towards North Carolina.

Last month, she spent a few days in the Cape Fear region and made a very close pass by Carolina Beach, NC and reportedly was spotted by an area fisherman.

Shark Finners Skirt Law to Maximize Fin Haul

Shark finners are using a new tactic to skirt current Costa Rican finning laws.

According to an INTERPOL news release, Costa Rican fishermen have found what they perceive to be a workaround regarding the current law which requires that all fins be 'naturally attached to the body" when landed.  Some fishermen are now basically stripping the sharks down to skeletal remains and then keeping the fins barely attached to the spinal column thus, in their minds, keeping the fins attached to the body.

By stripping the majority of the shark's bulk at sea, the fishermen are able to fin at a much higher rate because they don't have to use up space storing the entire shark.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Video: Hand Feeding Bull Sharks in Fiji

Bull shark feeding in Bega Lagoon, Fiji
Here's another fantastic dive video that is surely going to get you fired up to hit the water. Ashleigh Newton posted the video earlier today on Vimeo and it features footage from multiple dives that took place in Bega Lagoon which is off Pacific Harbour in Fiji.

Diver feeds bull shark in Bega Lagoon, Fiji
The first part of the video shows the overall stunning beauty of the area and includes some coral and wreck footage . At about the 3 minute mark, the video cuts to the shark dive where we see one of the tour divers hand feed several bull sharks.  The bull sharks appear amidst an explosion of color as tropical fish swarm about also looking for a free feed. At the 5:45 mark, there's a very tight shot of one of the bull sharks snagging a fish head from the feed diver (photo above).

Video: ABC News Reporter Dives Tiger Beach with Jim Abernethy

Jim Abernethy discusses with ABC News about diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas
Tiger shark at Tiger Beach off the Bahamas
ABC News' reporter Matt Gutman hooks up with Jim Abernethy in the Bahamas to check out first hand what it is like to dive with large tiger sharks.

Although the video starts of with the painful introduction referring to sharks as "one of the most hated beasts on earth," it quickly gets to the meat of the story and presents a message of conservation.

Jim Abernethy has been diving with large sharks for over 30 years and was one of the first divers to leave the safety of the cage to freely dive with sharks.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Video: Amazing Aerial View of Large Shark Nursery in Western Australia

Blacktip sharks in Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

You want a fun ride?  Well we have the ticket for you.  This awesome video was posted today on Vimeo by Dale Woodley and it shows an aerial view of a large shark nursery at Ningaloo Reef which is approximately 1,200 km north of Perth in Western Australia.

Blacktip sharks in Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
Of all the shark related videos we have viewed this year, this ranks right at the top of the list.  It is absolutely beautiful and it truly grabs your attention.

The video was shot using a remote control quad copter with a Gopro Hero 3 Black fixed underneath. Throughout the video, you will see the shadow of the quad as it passes over the water (visible in this photo - lower right).

Dale states that this area acts as a nursery for juvenile sharks which take shelter in the area until they reach maturity.  He notes that the area is primarily home to blacktip sharks but adds that a few whitetips may be present as well.

The challenge for Dale in getting this video was waiting for the tide to be right so the sharks would be near shore plus he had to ensure that the winds were not too strong to launch the copter.  As you can see, there are storms building nearby.

Video: Amateur Video of Great White Breach in South Africa

We've seen plenty of professional videos featuring some amazing footage of great white shark breaches from Shark Bay, South Africa. But we don't often come across amateur video showing the same thing.

Well here's a pretty cool video that was posted today and it shows a 3/4 breach by a great white going for a bait ball on a shark tour in Shark Bay, South Africa.  The breach occurs at the 9 second mark but it is replayed in slow motion starting at the 42 second mark.

Video: Great White Circles Fishermen's Boat Off Adelaide & Takes a Nibble at the Motor

Great white (white pointer) bites motor of West Beach, Adelaide
A couple of boaters who were fishing 4km off West Beach in Adelaide, Australia found themselves with an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a great white shark took interest in their activities and decided to linger for several hours.

In the video posted by Perth Now, the anglers state that the white pointer would circle their boat for a period of time and then disappear for awhile only to reappear a later.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Video: Great Hammerheads Off Bimini Island in the Bahamas

Great hammerhead in Bimini
Here's a very informative and beautiful video featuring several great hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas.

The video was just uploaded to Vimeo but was shot in February 2013. According to the videographer, he was on a tiger shark diving trip to Tiger Beach when they made a side trip to Bimini to spend some time observing great hammerheads.

Biminis is considered to be one of the best places in the world for divers to view the great hammerhead which is one of the largest predatory sharks in the ocean.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Video: Getting Lost in a Beautiful Maldivian Dream Dive

Maldivian Dream dive.
Here's a great way to start your weekend, take in this beautiful dive video from the Indian Ocean.

The description states that the video was shot during a week long dive trip aboard the "Maldivian Dream". The video features a whole array of sea life which of course includes a few sharks.

The video was filmed using the GoPro Hero3 Black edition with a red filter and support GoPole. It was edited using Go Pro Cineform Studio.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Whale Shark Photo Earns Top Wildlife Photographer of the Year Prize

Whale shark in Cenderawasih Bay, Papua, Indonesia by Mike Veitch / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
The above whale shark image taken by Mike Veitch received one of the top accolades in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest which is co-owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. The photo titled "Fish Trap" took top spot in the 'World in Our Hands" category.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, but they are filter-feeders eating mostly plankton and small fish and, according to received wisdom, rarely interact with humans. So when whale sharks were filmed vacuuming up bits of fish from nets in Indonesia, it caused an internet sensation. But it seems that this behaviour is hardly new. ‘The fishermen around the islands have known about this for ages,’ says Mike. 

Kite Surfer in Maui, Hawaii Bitten By Possible Large Tiger Shark

Kite boarder bitten by Shark in Maui - MAUIWatch
On Thursday, October 31, 2013 at around 3:30 p.m., a kite boarder was bitten on the calf by a shark approximately 300 yards off shore from Kanaha Beach in Maui.

According to reports, the kite boarder had fallen in the water and was hanging on his board when he was bitten. He then managed to get back on his board and make his way to shore.

Reports from MAUIWatch are that an 8-10 inch chunk of flesh was missing from the back of the victim’s right leg near his calf area.

Beachgoers rendered first aid until rescue workers arrived and transported the victim, a visitor in his 40’s, to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Shortly after the incident, lifeguards checked the area on jet skis and spotted a large 12-14’ tiger shark.

The beach was closed until further notice.

News Accounts:
-Alert Kiteboarder Flies in After Shark Attack - Maui TV News
-Man Bitten By Shark Off Maui’s ‘Kite Beach’ - Honolulu Civil Beat
-Shark bites kite surfer off Maui, beaches closed - Hawaii News Now
-Shark bites kitesurfer at Kaa Point - The Maui News