Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Video: Tiger Shark Cruises Through Group of Snorkelers

Female swimmer swims with tiger shark
Sometimes people post cool videos with not much listed in the description department. This is one of those occasions.

The short video shows a good sized tiger shark swim under and through a group of snorkelers/freedivers.  The shark basically shows no interest in the swimmers and peacefully goes about its business.

At one point, a female dives down to swim with the shark and she reaches out and gives it a gentle touch as it swims past.  Judging by the gear these people had, I would guess that they were experienced in the water and had a good feel for the situation.

The video was posted by PaulN and is 28 seconds in length.  In the brief narrative, the poster states, "I was able to video this whole encounter....about 1 hr worth of awesome tiger shark with Paul adventure."
Photo is a screenshot.