Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Video: Large...I mean VERY Large Great White Makes a Pass

A large great white passes by.
I don't know if it is the video angle, the murky conditions or just that this is one seriously big shark, but here is an impressive 14 second video of a great white making a close pass to someone with a video camera.

Unfortunately, the video description provided no details but we have asked the poster for some info and will post an update if we learn anything.

At first, I thought this might have been shot by a scuba diver but after watching it a second time, I saw what appears to be a bait line on top of the water.  This would most likely indicate it was taken during a shark tour and was shot from the safety of a shark cage.

No matter the circumstance of the video, this is one impressively large shark.  Posted by BrittanyKelland.
Photo is a screenshot.