Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Video: Large Great White Dines on Humpback Whale Carcass off Western Australia (2010)

Great white makes a meal of humpback whale carcass off Western Australia
The other day we heard from Phil Scanlan, who is a rescue skipper with Fremantle Sea Rescue in Western Australia, about a video he took in November 2010 showing a large great white shark feeding on the carcass of a young humpback whale. He asked if we would be interested in sharing the video with our readers and of course, we most certainly were.

Great white consumes humpback whale
First and foremost, Phil had previously only showed the video to friends and family and the Jaws theme music was put in for their entertainment.  He was concerned that the music would take away from the video and he wanted us to stress that this shark was calm, non-threatening and truly appeared to be at one with his domain.  At no time did the white pointer show any aggression towards any of the boaters who were also observing the feeding.

The video was taken about 10km off shore from Perth and Rottnest Island in Western Australia.  Phil noted that all the boaters were a safe distance from the activity and at no time harassed the shark. But on a few occasions, the white shark would push his meal against one of the boats in what appeared to be an attempt to get better biting leverage.

Phil notes that the entire video was shot using his iPhone and he used no zoom meaning that the close-up shots were actually close-up shots.  He estimates the size of the "majestic" shark to be about 4 to 5m in length (13 to 16 feet in length).

Thanks Phil for sharing the video!