Sunday, December 22, 2013

Video: High Adrenaline Great White Shark Cage Dive

Great white shark crashes into boat (48 second mark)
"If you want jump in your sofa, watch my video..." That was the description provided by Karlos Simon in a video that he recently sent us.

The video was taken in the Gansbaai (Gans Bay)/Dyer Island area of South Africa and features footage from great white shark cage dive(s). The dive boat was the Predator 2 from the Shark Cage Diving tour group.

Great white shark explodes out of the water (2:40 mark)
Although the footage shows some amazing close-ups of large great whites, there were a few sequences when the sharks were enticed to slam into the boat and/or the shark cage.  And though the experience was surely exhilarating  for the divers, we don't see a need to bring about possible injury to the shark by having them repeatedly crash into steel.

Earlier this month, we posted another high octane video by Karlos of a dive in the Bahamas with lemon sharks.

The video is a just over 3 and a 1/2 minutes in length.