Thursday, December 5, 2013

Video: Fisherman Catches Large Tiger Shark off Western Australia - Shark Released

Large tiger shark is caught & released off the coast of Western Australia

A large tiger shark was caught and subsequently released by an angler fishing off the coast of Western Australia.

According to the video description by JDTV17, the 4 meter (13 foot), 400kg (880 pound) tiger was accidentally caught late in the afternoon by a fisherman at a popular Western Australia fishing spot.

Fishermen struggle to safely release tiger shark
Once landed, several local experienced fishermen assisted the angler in "ensuring the safe and humane release of this beautiful animal."  The fishermen have an extended struggle in trying to remove the hook but they appear successful at the 2:55 mark.

At the 3:10 several of the fishermen begin trying to get the shark back into deeper water but meet significant resistance from the surf.

At around the 4:40 mark, the shark is finally past the small breakers and we see it swimming on its own accord.

"The community cheered as the Tiger was successfully released back into the water," noted JDTV17.
Photos are video screenshots.