Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Video: Diving with Eager Lemon Sharks in the Bahamas

The following video was just posted on Vimeo.  It was taken by Connor Cassidy and features Karlos Simon on a 2012 shark dive in the Bahamas.  It is titled, "Playing with Sharks in Bahamas."

Karlos states that the video demonstrates that the lemon sharks only lurked around him because he was close to the bait box.  The sharks had no interests in trying to "eat human flesh."

On his Vimeo bio page, Karlos notes that he has had a passion for diving since his first dive in April 1988 on a reef in Cuba.  In 2011, he decided  to fulfill one of his dreams by diving with sharks in the Bahamas for a period "a bit" longer than normal.

Karols states that he set a world record when he was in the water with sharks, which included lemons and tigers, for 12 hours without leaving the water.  He notes that his record of "permanence with sharks" still stands today.