Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surfer Bitten by Shark in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sufers at Cocoa Beach Pier - surfspotsmap
At around 2:30pm today, a 30-year-old surfer was bitten by a shark on his right foot while surfing off Cocoa Beach, FL.

According to Florida Today, Bobby Baughman was returning to the lineup and duck dived under a wave when a shark clamped down on his right foot. Baughman believes that it was a four to six foot lemon or bull shark.

The shark did not release its grip so Baughman went into "fight mode" and reached down and begin digging his fingers into the shark's face. Before the shark finally let go, it gave one more hard shake.

Baughman was able to ride a wave back to shore where lifequards met him and began immediate first aid.

The shark left a tooth lodged in the top of Baughman's foot and he will require surgery due to tendon and bone damage.

Brevard County Ocean Rescue closed the beach for 1/2 hour and then flew a red & purple flag which indicated a high advisory for the presence of sharks.

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Photo credit: Surfspotsmap