Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shocking Photo from Western Australia of Shark Bitten in Half

Shark bitten in half in Western Australia
The above photo was sent to us this evening by Phil Scanlan who is a sea rescue skipper with Fremantle Sea Rescue in Western Australia.  He notes that people occasionally share random photos/stories with them and in turn, Phil was nice enough to share this one with us.

The photo was sent to him earlier today but he didn't have too many details.  It was taken this past Monday night on a beach near Siesta Park, which is located between Dunsborough and Busselton, Western Australia.  Phil was not aware of the circumstances which led up to this unusual image.

10 foot great white shark with multiple bites - Queensland
The photo sure does bring back memories of this October 2009 photo of a 10 foot (3m) great white that had sustained multiple bites from a much larger great white that was estimated to be 20 feet (6m) in length.

The 10 foot shark had been hooked on a baited drum line off Stradbroke Island in Queensland and thus was an easy target for the larger shark.