Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Great White Shark Catch & Release by Camp Pendleton Marine

Great white caught/released San Diego, CA 
A US Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA spoke with ABC10 News about a great white shark that he had caught and subsequently released late last month.

Marine Jeff Fangman told ABC10 that he had recently moved to California from the Gulf Coast. On October 28th, he decided to check out the local shark fishing action and headed to the beach with his wife and daughter.

Jeff is a veteran shark fisherman so when his reel began to scream, he knew he had something big. His wife began rolling some video as he reeled in a young female great white shark.

Once landed, he grabbed a few trophy shots and then dragged the shark back into the water.

Great Whites have been protected in all California waters since January 1, 1994 and it is illegal for fisherman to take them.

In recent weeks/months, there have been quite a few videos posted on Youtube showing juvenile whites feeding close to shore in Southern California waters. In a typical pattern, the whites are fattening up prior to what experts believe is their winter migration to Mexican waters.

A few of the recent white videos from SoCal: (-November 18; -October 17; -October 16; -October 15)
Photo is a video screenshot.