Sunday, December 15, 2013

Great White Diving Video Features WOW Moment

Great white pursues bait line in Australia
On a regular basis folks post videos of their shark cage dives from all locations all over the globe. And although we find them all to be enjoyable to view, we don't post them all as some folks may begin to find them a bit repetitive. So which ones do we post?  Typically, they are the ones that stand out and have that extra special touch or moment. And in the case of the video below, it most certainly meets that criterion.

The video is from Port Lincoln, South Australia and features nearly 3 minutes of footage from a great white shark cage dive with Shark Cage Diving Calypso Star Charters.  As with most of the cage videos, it features quite a few impressive close-ups of the ocean's apex predator.

What made this video stand out from others comes just after the 1:25 mark when the shark pursues a bait line at a high rate of speed. It's just a couple of seconds in length but wow, it really shows the shear, magnificent power of the great white shark. I don't typically use this word awesome but there is no other word to describe the clip - it really is an AWESOME moment!

Video posted by bruno senges. Photo is a video screenshot from the 'wow' moment at the 1:28 mark. Enjoy!!