Friday, December 27, 2013

Details Emerge of Western Australia's Shark Management Plan

Great white
The days of certain large sharks in Western Australia may soon be coming to an end.  Details of Western Australia's shark management plan have recently been shared.

The plan, which is being implemented as a response to recent shark attacks in WA, is to take effect sometime in early to mid January 2014.  It calls for contracted commercial fishermen to deploy and maintain 72 baited drum lines along eight popular WA beaches.
Fishermen will target great white, tiger or bull sharks that are over 3 meters and come within 1 km of protected beaches.  Sharks that are hooked and meet the specified size threshold will then be dispatched with a firearm and their carcasses will be hauled further out to sea and dumped.

Any sharks caught on the lines that are less than 3 meters or are not from one of the targeted species will be released if possible.

Although there is some public support for the plan, which some suggest is merely a cull in disguise; there is growing opposition from many scientists and shark conservation groups.

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Report from 7News: