Thursday, November 28, 2013

Video: Whale Shark Caught by Two Haitian Fishermen

Two Haitian fishermen hauled to shore what some are calling the largest whale shark ever caught in Haitian waters.

Apparently the shark was caught on the evening of November 20, 2013.  The Haiti Observer believes that the two fishermen were most likely fishing in a "bya fouye" which is a very small, hand crafted boat.

After it was brought to shore, a large crowd gathered to have a look.  Eventually a crane (3:30 mark) was used to place the animal on a flatbed truck at which point we assume it was taken to be butchered.

As one might imagine, various social media sites blew up as people discussed the images.  A battle soon emerged between some calling for conservation and others saying that the shark was put on earth to help feed people.  On some Haitian FB pages, the photos/videos drew hundreds of comments.

One exchange quite succinctly summed up the thoughts on both camps. Jime49 posted a comment on Youtube stating, "They shouldn't killed the shark .That's animal cruelty to nature?"  To which Peter Moore replied, "animal cruelty!not in haiti.dinner."

Video was posted by Palecho Breaking News Haiti and is just over six minutes in length.