Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Video: Spearfisherman Holds His Ground as 13' Tiger Shark Takes Interest in His Catch

We were alerted today to a video recently posted showing a spearfisherman in Hawaii encountering a large tiger shark. After viewing it, we could see that it was reposted so we did a search and found the original dated 06/09/12.  It's a pretty impressive video so we have shared it below.

Tiger shark takes interest in spearfisherman's catch.
The video shows a spearfisherman having a productive day in the clear waters off Haleiwa, Oahu. After spearing several fish, he takes them up to the surface to place them onto a stringer which was tied to his kayak.

The video camera is attached to his head so as he bobs up and down in the chop of the water, the view continually cuts from below to above water.  Just after the 1:30 mark, the video cuts back underwater and surprise, there is a 13' tiger shark lurking close by.

Upon spotting the shark, the spearfisherman immediately grabs his speargun and keeps it extended in order to push off the shark if needed. At about the 1:43 mark, it does appear that he may have given the shark a little poke.

The shark continues to circle the area and the spearfisherman keeps a close eye on him.  At the 2:30 mark, the spearfisherman begins grabbing the fish that are still floating in the water and tossing them into his kayak.

Spearfisherman reaches out towards tiger shark
The shark never appears to make a move for his fish and the spearfisherman remains calm and controlled during the encounter.  After a few minutes, the tiger shark seems to lose interest and begins swimming off.  The spearfisherman appears to swim after him for a brief period and at the 3:40 mark, it looks like he actually reaches out to touch its tail.  At this point, the video stops. From the 3:53 mark, the video repeats showing highlights in slow motion.

The video was posted by 808divebomber and is 6:11 in length.  Enjoy!
Photos are video screenshots.

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