Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Video: Shark Jumps into Dive Boat

When you go on a shark dive, you expect to encounter sharks in the water.  What you don't expect is to have a shark nearly land on your lap while you're still in the boat.

A bait line handler had an eager reef shark on the end of his line and was keeping it near the surface so the diver's on board could get some up close photos of the shark.  As the handler kept pulling up on the rope and the shark kept on kicking, before you could blink an eye, the shark was in the boat.

With mixed sounds of laughter and a bit of shock, everyone quickly backed off as the shark thrashed about.  In a flash, the bait popped out of the shark's mouth and it quickly realized that there was no more incentive to keep visiting with the nice people on board and it wiggled back into the water.

All ended well and everyone got some unexpected close up shots.  The video was taken at Jardines de la Reina, Cuba and uploaded by fnukajda.  It is 1:11 in length and after the initial play from two separate camera angles, it runs through again in slow motion.