Friday, November 15, 2013

Video: Several Orcas Ride a Yacht's Wake

Orcas ride boat's wake.
It's often easy to forget that Killer Whales are actually from the dolphin family.  But when you watch the below video, that fact may become a tad more obvious.

These apex predators are the kings of the ocean and one can consider themselves very fortunate if they ever get the opportunity to view them in their natural setting.

Earlier this year, Rich and Laura Howard were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz Mexico and were out on a boat to observe the resident sea lion colony.  As they were motoring at high speed, they got the shock of a lifetime when a pod of orcas took up pursuit of their vessel and began riding their wake.

The video was posted on Youtube by RichardMHoward and is about 2 and a half minutes in length. Make sure to turn on the sound to take part in the excitement of the Howards.
Photo is a video screenshot.