Monday, November 11, 2013

Video: The Magnificent Great Whites of Guadalupe Island

Head to Guadalupe Island to get up close with Great Whites and experience some of the world's best diving conditions for viewing these magnificent apex predators of the seas.
Great white cage diving off Guadalupe Island  

This fantastic video was posted the other day on Vimeo and was taken off Guadalupe Island in early August 2013. The video has some amazing up close shots of the local great whites that frequent the area. 

Whitey gets up close off  Guadalupe Island  
Surprisingly, the entire video was shot using an Apple iPhone4 and the video quality is exceptional. It most certainly proves that you don't need high dollar underwater equipment to capture some solid video.  Of course, the visibility that his area is known for helps considerably no matter what video tools you are using.

Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific ocean 150 miles off the Mexican Baja California peninsula and is considered to be one of the top destination in the world for great white shark encounters.

Guadalupe Island great white cage diving
Other than the great whites, what makes this small volcanic island located in the Pacific Ocean is 150 miles (240 kilometers) off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula so exceptional for diving is that area waters are known for having visibility up to 125 – 150 feet.  With crystal blue water and exceptional vis, you just cant beat this destination for getting up close with white pointers. It is most definitely is on my diving bucket list.

The video was posted by Kabir Teja and is 2:36 in length.  Trust me, once you start, you'll watch ever second of it.

[Correction 11/23/2013: Kabir reached out to us via email and let us know that it was not recorded with an iPhone:

"I just wanted to point out that the video was actually not filmed with an iPhone (the file was just named that because I originally rendered the video for my iPhone) and was filmed with a decently expensive underwater video rig. Still I agree with your point - you can do a TON with iphone and go pros these days, I don't think it would have looked much worse with that kind of visibility."
Thanks for the correction Kabir.]