Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Video: Hand Feeding Bull Sharks in Fiji

Bull shark feeding in Bega Lagoon, Fiji
Here's another fantastic dive video that is surely going to get you fired up to hit the water. Ashleigh Newton posted the video earlier today on Vimeo and it features footage from multiple dives that took place in Bega Lagoon which is off Pacific Harbour in Fiji.

Diver feeds bull shark in Bega Lagoon, Fiji
The first part of the video shows the overall stunning beauty of the area and includes some coral and wreck footage . At about the 3 minute mark, the video cuts to the shark dive where we see one of the tour divers hand feed several bull sharks.  The bull sharks appear amidst an explosion of color as tropical fish swarm about also looking for a free feed. At the 5:45 mark, there's a very tight shot of one of the bull sharks snagging a fish head from the feed diver (photo above).

Ashleigh extends special thanks to Scott Sharp, Chris Williams and John Moody for sharing their video footage and to Andrew Frost for his photographs. In addition, she sends out a big thank you to the dive team from AquaTrek ( who clearly showed the divers an excellent time.

The video is 6:05 in length. Sit back & enjoy...and prepare to start making some dive plans ;-)
Photos are video screenshots.