Sunday, November 10, 2013

Video: Great White Eats Video Camera & We Get Amazing View from Inside Its Mouth

Here's a viewpoint from a great white that you would normally not see and still live to tell about.

Earlier this year, fishermen off the coast of South Australia encountered a large great white circling their boat. Not wanting this chance encounter to go to waste, they pulled out their underwater camera and plunked into the water to capture some up close underwater footage.

All was well until about the 1:25 mark when they lost sight of the shark.  Unfortunately for them, the shark didn't lose sight of their camera and at the 1:42 mark, the viewpoint changes to us looking out through the shark's mouth.

Although the surprise grab by the shark nearly pulled the one guy holding the camera cable into the water , they got lucky and after about 10 seconds, the white pointer spit it out at which point, the camera was hastily pulled out of the water.

Although there is no sound with the video, you can almost hear the guys screams of laughter when they get the camera back up (2:00 mark).

Posted on Youtube by wilsonbrowndog and it is 2:15 in length.