Monday, November 4, 2013

Video: Great White Circles Fishermen's Boat Off Adelaide & Takes a Nibble at the Motor

Great white (white pointer) bites motor of West Beach, Adelaide
A couple of boaters who were fishing 4km off West Beach in Adelaide, Australia found themselves with an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a great white shark took interest in their activities and decided to linger for several hours.

In the video posted by Perth Now, the anglers state that the white pointer would circle their boat for a period of time and then disappear for awhile only to reappear a later.

They anglers grew a bit concerned about the presence of the shark when at the 58 second mark, the great white bites at their outboard motor.  At that point, you here one guy state that the shark is a bit too aggressive and he wonders what they should do.

But all ended well as the shark eventually moved on and the anglers finished out the day with a good catch of fish.

We are seeing these type videos fairly frequently and it does make us wonder if sharks are increasingly perceiving boats as a free food source?
Photo is screenshot.