Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Siberian Huskies Investigate Large Dorsal Fin Off Northern California Coast

Large fin just off the coast of 
Lately we've seen quite a few videos with folks getting up close & personal with sharks. Well now it seems to have infected some in the the four legged world. This video comes to us from Somoa Beach near Eureka, CA.

Kahlukers, who posted the video a few hours ago, states that she shot this at sunset on Thursday, November 21, 2013. She spotted two sharks swimming in the breakers parallel to the shoreline and fortunately for us, was able to record one of them.

As she was recording, her two curious Siberian Huskies went bolting into the water to investigate the mysterious fin.  As the dogs pushed forward, one couldn't help wonder if they were actually going to swim out to the mystery fish.  But just then they stopped, look at each other for a moment and then went fleeing back to the safety of the shore.  She notes that they were never in danger which is quite evident from the video.

Kahlukers was not able to identify the shark. A comment on her Youtube page by Jesse W. questioned whether it was even a shark. She stated that she never saw a spout so she doesn't believe it was a whale.

We viewed the video and tend to think it was probably a basking shark since they do frequent those waters at least part of the year and the fin size and movement fit that of a basking shark.  But this is just our best guess as we don't know if they are typically present during this time of year.  If anyone has any input or knows what type of shark it is, please leave a comment on our Facebook page.

PS.  How can you not love a video that features sharks AND Siberian Huskies?  The perfect mix ;-)