Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nine Dead After Eating Toxic Shark Meat in Madagascar

Traditional fishing boats.
The Africa Review is reporting that nine residents from the eastern Madagascar village of Mahasoa Ampasimbe Manatsatrana have died after eating shark meat caught by local fishermen last week. In addition to the fatalities, 110 people are currently still in hospital suffering from various nervous system issues including delirium and paralysis.

Authorities believe the outbreak was caused by toxins in the shark meat but they are still waiting for laboratory analysis to confirm the exact cause. In the meantime, an order has been issued by authorities banning the consumption of seafood.

A similar incident occurred two years ago when 20 people died and another 130 were sickened from tainted fish. That outbreak was due to a natural change that occurs in seaweed which is harmless to fish but extremely harmful to humans. Smaller fish consume the seaweed and are subsequently consumed by larger fish and eventually the toxins enter into the human food supply.  According to a 2011 BBC report, that outbreak materialized through the consumption of toxic sardines.

For additional information, please read the Africa Review article here.
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