Monday, November 11, 2013

Lake Isabella Shark Prank Video Goes Viral

Lake Isabells, Wofford Heights, CA shark prank.
What happens when a large shark fin appears behind a swimmer (thanks to a sneaky scuba diver) in a fresh water lake and then everyone around the swimmer begins screaming shark?  Well if someone is filming the whole thing, you end up having a video with some serious viral legs.

Yesterday, a video was posted on LiveLeak which showed the harsh prank on an unsuspecting soul. It appears that it occurred at Lake Isabella located in Wofford Heights, California.

When viewed, you'll have one of three reactions: it was hilarious, it was downright mean or it was just plain stupid...and quiet possibly, you may experience all three.

The video was posted by nonad and has already over 90,000 views and nearly 350 comments.  It's been re-uploaded on Youtube by numerous people and is now just starting to pop-up on some news outlets. So now, you be the judge (40 second video).  If you have an opinion, stop by our FB page and leave a comment.

But before we sign off, we do have one comment for the pranksters.  In the future, if you're going to go to all this trouble to 'get' someone, at least have a decent video device handy.
Hat tip to Mark Cantrell via our FB page for the headsup yesterday about this video.