Thursday, November 21, 2013

Greenland Shark Saved From Certain Death After Choking on Moose Hide

Greenland shark at Norris Arm North-Photo by Derrick Chaulk
In the crazy shark story of the day, week, month ok, ok, maybe the year department, we have this story coming out of Norris Arm North, N.L., Canada.

Derrick Chaulk spotted what he thought was a small beached whale along the shoreline.  When he went to investigate, he found that it was actually a greenland shark.  Also present was Jeremy Ball.

Greenland shark at Norris Arm North-Photo by Derrick Chaulk
The two men initially thought the shark was dead but then noticed some movement.  Upon closer inspection, they noticed a moose hide stuck in the shark's mouth.

They knew that the hide would have to be pulled out to save the shark but who was going to do it? Jeremey Ball took the ball (we couldn't resist) and yanked out the lodged hide.

They theorize that a moose had been cleaned along the beach and the hide discarded.

Location shark was found (red circle/green arrow) Map by Clifford Harvey
The two pulled the shark into deeper water and within a few minutes, the shark was breathing and was able to eventually swim safely away.  Nice job guys!!

Also, we communicated with Clifford Harvey who is a friend of Chaulk and he showed us on a map where the shark was located.  As you can see, it was discovered quite far inland in rather brackish waters.

Hat tip to Clifford Harvey (@cliffyharv/twitter) for helping bring light to this story and for the location map.

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