Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Australian Surfer Has a Close Call with a 13+ Foot Great White

Shaun Daily holds his outstretched hands to describe the mouth
of the shark that knocked him off his surfboard.
A 19-year-old surfer had a close call with a large great white 50m off Trigg Beach which is in Perth, Western Australia.

Shaun Daily told 9 News that he seen many sharks before but nothing like what he saw today at 3:30pm.  He was sitting on his board when he felt a thump on his board and then the saw the head of a "massive" four meter (13+ feet) great white next to him.

Daily states, "It full on went for me...I would have been chomped fully, it full-on knocked me off my board."  He added that it was "going for the kill."

He tried to catch the next wave back but missed it but he did catch the next one.

Daily notified lifeguards and the beach was immediately closed and a helicopter was launched but they did not spot the shark.  Winds were stiff and the viewing conditions were poor.  After an hour, the beach was reopened.

Although Daily was too shaken to drive himself home, he plans to be back surfing tomorrow morning.