Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Jawsome Set of Shark Dentures

George Middlebrook sports a set of jawsome shark dentures.
How big of a shark fan are you? Big enough to risk lead poisoning? Well for George Middlebrook, a Caribbean shark fisherman, that risk wasn't enough to stop him from doing something completely bizarre.

In the 1950's, George was the first person (and most likely, still the only person) to have sported a set of false teeth made out of shark's teeth.

To make his homemade chompers, George took a wax impression of his mouth, transferred the impression to wet sand, poured in some not-so-healthy hot lead, and then inserted the shark teeth into the mold thus creating the world's first set of shark teeth dentures.

And for his efforts, Middlebrook was rewarded with a part in a movie called "The Sharkfighter" which was being filmed on location off the Isle of Pines, Cuba.  In addition, George's razor teeth earned him a write-up in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Thumbs up on their picture caption, "Tough steak, anyone?"
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