Monday, October 14, 2013

Video: Small Angler Catches Small Shark But the Impact is Huge

In the heartwarming department, we have this wonderfully cute video from New South Wales, Australia.

A young angler, George, hooks a Port Jackson shark off Creswell which leads to a grand battle as he attempts to land the shark.  As he finally reels the shark in close enough to the dock for his dad to reach, the shark gives a quick shake and frees itself.

As the shark begins to swim off, we hear George yelling, "noooooo" to which his mother reassures him, "that's beautiful son because you couldn't bring him in anyway, bye-bye."

Mom then asks George what he thinks about his catch and George yells enthusiastically, "Yes, thank you!!"

It was a happy ending for all involved and we sure enjoyed watching the moment of victory for George. His sister summed up the occasion quite well when she proclaimed, "Georgie has caught a shark, well done."

Yes George, well done indeed!!

Video posted on Youtube by broomeweb and is 2:27 in length.
Photo is a screenshot.