Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: Paddleboarder Tells Surfer to Put His Feet Up When 9 Foot Great White Approaches

The news these days is rather ripe with sightings of great whites off the California coast.  On our page, we've recently posted two California great white videos and now we have this new one which, in our opinion, is the biggest eye opener due to the actions of one surfer.

Great white off Manhattan Beach. Photo by
According to shark expert Patrick Douglas in a recent ABC News10 interview, he states that there are currently a good number of great whites feeding in the southern California area.  He states, "they're here in big numbers and this is that time of year where they're preying on seals, they're getting fat, they're getting ready for a big migration which happens in December and January."

So fast forward to the below video which was shot over a two day period on October 15th and 16th off Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles County, California.

In the video description, the videographer states that on the 15th, he was heading towards following a group of dolphins towards El Porto when he decided to get in the water for some water shots.  He then heard lifeguards on the loud speaker stating that there was a 9 foot shark in the area.  He immediately got back on his SUP board and moments later he spotted the shark.

Surfer paddles over to see great white. Pic by
The next day, October 16th, he and some friends went back out to the same area to see if they could find the shark again and sure enough, they spotted a second shark in the same place.

I must say, I was rather surprised to see the one surfer paddle over to have a closer look.  Of course, he might have rethought that idea once the guy on the SUP board stated,  "might put your feet up if I was you." Yup, that sounds like good advice to us as well.

The video was posted by SAYiWONTsports and is mixed with both photos and video.  It is 1:23 in length and the surfer appears at the 50 second mark.
Photos are screenshot.from video.