Sunday, October 6, 2013

Video: Numerous Tiger Sharks Feed on Whale Carcass Off Cape Hatteras, NC

Tiger sharks feed on whale carcass off Cape Hatteras, NC
A whale carcass off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC has the effect of ringing the dinner bell for a large shiver of sharks including numerous tiger sharks.

At least three separate people took video of the events and uploaded them to Youtube.  In one of the descriptions, the videographer states that there were between 30 to 40 sharks in the water.

The videos were all taken around 10 August 2013 and we have posted what we believe is the best of the group below (although I'd suggest watching with the sound on mute). The video includes some fantastic up close underwater shots and on a few occasions, you'll see the sharks bump the camera.  I assume the person was using a GoPro on a pole.  You can view the other videos by clicking the below links.

Tiger shark with deformed/broken jaw.
Note - a few interesting observations:
-At the 1:55 mark, check out the size of the shark's stomach...a true gorge fest.
-At the 3:45 mark, the one shark appears to have a broken/deformed jaw.  Might this have been caused by a poorly executed hook removal?  The corner area does seem rather shredded and damaged.

The video was posted by MegabiteTeam and is 4:28 in length.
Photos are screenshots.

Other videos: Video 1, Video 2