Monday, October 21, 2013

Video: Majestic Whale Sharks & Manta Rays at Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico

Whale shark by Howard Hall (Isla Mujeres Island)
Time to get lost for a few minutes in this stunning video from Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico by Howard Hall Productions. The nearly 3 minute video is a collection of stunning clips of whale sharks and manta rays that were captured with an Epic X camera running at either 48 fps or 96 fps.

According to the description, whale sharks and manta rays gather annually at Isle Mujeres to feed on tuna and snapper spawn.

The video was posted on Vimeo by Howard Hall Productions.  Howard and Michele Hall are natural history filmmakers specializing in marine wildlife and marine environmental films. Together they have produced numerous films for television including several episodes of the PBS series Nature, a National Geographic Special, and the five-part PBS series Secrets of the Ocean Realm. (
Photo is a screenshot