Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: Catch & Release of Large Bull Shark in Florida Waters

BlacktipH Fishing catch & release large bull shark off Florida
BlacktipH Fishing posted this video showing them catching a large 400lb bull shark in 150 feet of water off the Florida coast.

They note that they fought the shark for about 20 minutes before landing it.  Once next to the boat, they rolled the shark over in an apparent attempt to get it into a calm, tonic immobile state.  They then used bolt cutters to cut the hook and the shark was released.

It always nice to see anglers practicing catch and release when shark fishing.  These guys appeared to work fast in removing the hook thus limiting any further stress on the fish.  I particularly like that these guys kept the fish in the water and didn't attempt to drag it on board for show and tell purposes.

The video is 2:32 in length and was post by BlacktipH.